Samsung and LG.Philips announce super-thin OLEDs

Samsung touting its 2.2-inch display as the "world's thinnest" at 0.52mm thickness-about the same thickness as a credit card. However, LG.Philips' 4-inch display is in fact thinner, at a mere 0.15mm. That, and it's flexible.

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kewlkat0073524d ago

I never though LG an Samsung would challenge sony in that market. Especially LG which came out of nowhere.

Competition is great...long live cheaper prices.

Ofcourse I'm still waiting to get my 1080p TV, sh!t still expensive.

id dot entity3524d ago

I love OLEDs. The technique is like... science-fiction!

IQUITN4G3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

Technology sure is great isn't it,love this stuff.

The article mentions colours more than what i considered to be necessary as i thought the eye could only notice between 16 million shades.An extra 200 seems pointless as 120 fps.Is there a point?.