Forza 3 sales numbers interesting

Even before Forza 3 was released, it was expected to sell well. The tour de force sequel simply had more of everything that made the first game good, as well as Turn 10's hard work to create something that was far beyond what had ever been seen from a racing game on the Xbox 360. In reviews of Forza 3, the game has been scoring at the highest levels and has been winning all sorts of awards.

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Rocco Siffredi3327d ago

50k alone in Japan is very good. I expect 2 Million copies sold for 2009.

ZOMBIEMAN13327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

well if Forza has Master Chief shooting aliens than yes it will sell 2 million by this year if not than no it won't

EDIT @ below , dude i think you replied to the wrong guy but i agree good to see Borderlands be a succes i kinda feared it would be mediocre game from the lack of coverage and news glad i was wrong but i think i'll get it when it's cheap

StanLatMarveldotCom3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

Number 1 in the UK in it's release week, the game will be in the top 5 when the NPD for October is released and cracked the top 10 in Japan in it's release week in that territory. How is that not a sales success? Can a fanboy like Troll_Police please explain.

On another note, boy was Michael Pachter wrong AGAIN. After claiming Borderlands is being released to die by 2K Games the game has sold phenomenally across both platforms. Cooperative play is proving to be a huge draw for gamers. Glad to see a new IP achieve such success.

Edit @ Nitrowolf2

But this isn't Halo or Gears of War. Most publishers would be bouncing off the walls at having that level of success in a launch period. The sales of Forza 2 weren't nearly as impressive in it's launch period and that game sold 4 million copies. Seriously, is there anyone on who uses common sense?!

Edit @ N4G King

Are you high? It's Japan. Not only does the XBox 360 not have much of a presence but many who bought the console bought it solely for the RPGs on the console. Not even GRID, Dirt 2 or NFS: Shift had as impressive a showing on the console in the territory. In Japan, they only know 1 racing sim and that's Gran Turismo.

Nitrowolf23327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

thats because most 360 troll like to use the day one 2 mill for ANY PS3 games,
@below i migh be confuse at the comment above me but i think he was asking how the sales are not a success

dirthurts3327d ago

I have no idea what you're trying to say...

N4G king3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )


are you kidding me ???
there is a 1 million xbox in Japan
50k is very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very poor

add to that its japan
they love driving sims

3327d ago
3327d ago
N4G king3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

man you spin so much

Chubear3327d ago

How the hell is that article still at 20degrees?! That's impossible. I've seen articles that took forever to get approved and have no comments on it go past 80degrees.

Dont care what anyone says. It's obvious to me there are some articles that N4G makes sure don't reach 50degrees to be posted on the front page.

Nitrowolf23327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

ya but for a huge racing sim wouldn't you expect more? And plsu 360 trolls have pulled the 2 mill for many ps3 game that aren't even fps.
I'm just saying for a racing game that was suppose to define this gen(MS talk and turn 10) it sold badly. Also im not trying to start anything but GT5 would sell like FF/pokemon in japan.
also about F2 selling 4mil thats great, but wen sony fanboys try to say something like that(like KZ sell 2 mill just now) its immediatly shot down by "2Mill".

DocEvil3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

"there is a 1 million xbox in Japan
50k is very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very poor"

Ummmmm... there are 4 million PS3s in japan and Uncharted 2 sold 54,000 in it's first week. How many very's would you use to describe how poor that is then? Maybe 50k isn't so bad after all?

slopeseeker3327d ago


n4gking got owned SO HARD! lol

gaffyh3327d ago

@everyone - Including xbox and ps3 fans:

1. Western games never do extremely well in Japan

2. Shooters never do well in Japan. Example, lifetime sales of Halo 3 in Japan, 120k. That's it. Gears - 80k.

3. Racing games are one of the most popular genres, and when you compare between genres, Forza 3 is quite a big failure. Example, when GT5 Prologue was released it shifted 110k in the first week (which is only the retail version). This was at a time when the the PS3 had sold around 1.5million, so almost as low sales as the 360 has now.

I doubt Forza 3 will even chart next week, but it's nice to see that it made some impact. Although Uncharted 2 was in the same place last week and I expected it not to chart this week. Japanese just don't like western games.

cRaZyLeGs 933327d ago

Japanese love the drifting and paint editor.

NaiNaiNai3327d ago

So it sold twice as many copys of the game as it did systems in japan..

Very good unless your a blind fanboy.

slayorofgods3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

"Flopza 3 should dominate Xbox 360 sales until MW2 drops"
They don't have to rub the lack of games in 360 owners face.

wxer3327d ago


54,000k > 50,000k

Unending Punishment3326d ago

I can't wait for this game.

Oh, and hello I'm new :D

Saaking3326d ago

This was supposed to outsell GT5? GT5 will sell millions more.

table3326d ago

nobody ever once said this would outsell gt5. Stop making up crap. A games' sales doesn't represent how good it is.

rockleex3326d ago


So you're telling me that I have been brainwashed by 360 fanboys to think that sales = quality = all that matters?

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Elvfam5113327d ago

so far its just 50,000 as a Total

Chubear3327d ago

Didn't sell 2mill day one so automatically - FLOP, right? Didn't do halo numbers so must be a flop.

What happened now? So you guys don't play games uh? you only pay for chatting features uh? You guys have given so much rope over the years and now it's wrapped round your necks and tightening up.

Gawd, cant' wait for the day MS make it official and dump their 360base cold... again. Oh how I shall laugh.

kaixxi3327d ago

so by ur logic
a 50k is a flop?
"bu bu bu but sales dnt matter"
sheesh talk about fanboyism

chrisulloa3327d ago

Lol, now you guys are saying sales matter? Haha, you PS3 fanboys are the pinnacle of hypocrisy. If PS3 does bad sales don't matter, but if it actually sells well sales DO matter.

talltony3327d ago

so now all of a sudden your saying sales dnt matter? Cause I think with your logic this is a "FLOP".

JasonPC360PS3Wii3327d ago

No that was the sales of Uncharded 2 in NA and the total of Uncharted 2 gamers online worldwide.

N4G king3327d ago

and the 360 fanboys are in some real damage control
because their "DEFINITE" flopped


Nitrowolf23327d ago

Chris, sales still don't matter to us. Just the quality of the game
we are just saying what botsshould be posting themselve and that this game is a flop in terms of sales.
quality still better then sales, we just like rubbing it in your guys face, after all bots pull 2mill on us all the time.

cereal_killa3327d ago

You guys have to give these 2 Muppet's (Chris and Jason360) a little slack all they have left to keep there fanboyism is Sales so they have to act like hypocrites because this is not a Halo or Gears game and we all know that if it's not either of those games when it comes to sales, then sales don't matter but if it's a PS3 exclusive and it doesn't sell 8 billion in one day then its a flop in there eyes.


chrisulloa3326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

lolwut, I don't care about sales. I already have the game, however 360 does sell games better than PS3 (Fact) whether it be multi-plat or exclusive (Fact). I'm pretty sure this game is going to sell well. Forza 2 sold over 2 million, and if most of the fanbase and new users switch over to Forza 3 by Christmas it'll do good. It's also selling pretty well in Europe.

It's already sold about 250k - America.

CernaML3326d ago

"lolwut, I don't care about sales."

Funny how the rest of your paragraph is all about sales.

chrisulloa3326d ago

Because talking about sales implies that all I care about is sales, correct?

54percent3326d ago

"It's already sold about 250k - America. "

According to the bots, that's a flop

CernaML3326d ago

"Because talking about sales implies that all I care about is sales, correct?"

LOL, I never said that but thanks for admitting it.

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Troll_Police3327d ago

Uh oh, the "definitive" racing sim isn't selling. Everyone is waiting on Gran Turismo 5 and this proves it. If you have to keep saying your game is "definitive" then it isn't. People will know like they know GT5 is definitive.

Elvfam5113327d ago

is that a open zone comment

SL1M DADDY3327d ago

But then again, if that is the case, then every comment made by the developer Turn 10 would be in the open zone. If Turn 10 would have kept their mouths shut and let the game sell itself without mocking the competition and boosting their own ego, these comments would never make it onto N4G...

Sarcasm3327d ago

"If Turn 10 would have kept their mouths shut and let the game sell itself without mocking the competition and boosting their own ego, these comments would never make it onto N4G..."

Preach on brotha, preach on!

raztad3327d ago

Sales stuff is boring, lets talk about how Forza3 performs in comparison with Forza 2 and GT5 Prologue.

Here is a Digital Foundry analysis:

The "definitive" is not that definitive after all, even when compared to an old demo. The article is quite telling, give it a read.

iamgoatman3327d ago

@SL1M DADDY & @Sarcasm

Do you honestly believe that if Turn 10 hadn't made those statements, the same Forza articles wouldn't be littered with negative comments from people who haven't even played the game?

Because if you do, then you're an idiot.

Sitdown3327d ago

Let me destroy your logic with one title: Madden People wait for Madden year end and year out...but guess what, people who gave the 2K series a chance, can definitely tell you who had the better football sim. Am I saying Forza 3 is definitive in comparison to GT5? No, but I am saying your logic is flawed. But to continue, you say if you throw around definitive a lot, then is must not be definitive...well what if you throw around "real driving simulator"...cause clearly GT4 had it on the cover, GTP5 had it on the cover, and most likely GT5 will....anybody with logic can tell you no title is "definitive", if it was the case...then there would never be another version of it. Even GT5 will not be able to make the claim as "definitive"...why? Because unless it has every car ever made...its not definitive...if it does not have my Infiniti in it, then its not really a "real driving simulator" to me..cause my real driving is done in a Infiniti. So with that said, I own Forza 3...and plan on picking up GT 5 when its released....I am more concerned with my thoughts and opinions, than others and sales figures.

DelbertGrady3327d ago

As long as it sells better than Uncharted 2 they don't need to worry.

corneliuscrust3327d ago

gt5p is an old demo now... but when it was released ppl were crying all over n4g saying it wasnt just a demo

double standards all over this board on both sides

thedisagreefairy3327d ago

u joined a week and a half ago and yet you know all the rules like a pro...

we all know this is a multiple account for u so shut up and gtfo

slayorofgods3327d ago

Because people are hypersensitive to any criticism of Forza 3 whatsoever. I wouldn't be surprised if you got reported. Some will hit the report button people for just saying Forza 3 isn't my favorite game. I don't know how this game became such a sensitive subject, but it did.

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imnotgoodtenglish3327d ago

And soon 360 fanboys will claim its not about teh salez.....BUTTHURT

Troll_Police3327d ago

My, how the tables have turned.


well if they do it's only because that's what your ps fans have been preaching for the last 2 years... Or are you saying sales do in fact matter now ?

Elvfam5113327d ago

hold your horses

You Xbox 360 Fanboys started the sales game

Now the tables are turning on you guys you want to blame us hahah Nice

ZOMBIEMAN13327d ago

well you know the saying what goes around comes around and now the fanboys are getting the part that comes around

StanLatMarveldotCom3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

Okay, am I missing something or did I read the wrong article? Number 1 in the UK it's release week in that territory topping FIFA Soccer 10, the top 10 in Japan in its release week there and the game will be in the top 5 when the NPD for October is released. How is that not a sales success? What the hell am I missing? Are you fanboys that ignorant? If Forza 3 isn't a sales success by those standards Killzone 2 and Infamous must be utter flops?! O_o

dirthurts3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

The sales are very good. And this kind of tittle sales for a long time after release.

And Elvfam, whatever that means...Why would anyone blame Sony for good sales numbers on the 360?

Playstation gamers should be happy this game exists. It pushes Sony to make their game better. Competition is good people!

Elvfam5113327d ago

what are you talking about im talking about fanboys that talk sales

DelbertGrady3327d ago

Quality > Quantity

Put that in your PS3 pipes and smoke it.

corneliuscrust3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

fun games are fun?

If you enjoy playing the game, then that's what is important. It will be nice to see how the forza series and racing games in general continue to develop.

I have a great time with forza, and I have a great time with that wrong?

Or is it that because GT5P does some things better, I shouldn't be able to enjoy forza?

ReBurn3326d ago

It doesn't matter who started the stupidity. It's all stupid.

Sub4Dis3326d ago

a name like troll police sort of implies that you are against trolls. but your comments tell a completely opposite story.

PS3n3603326d ago

people on this site make it seem like all the fanboys hold a conference and come up with a collective decision on things. Even fanboys of one console can have differing opinions. Some believe sales are important some don't. i swear this fanboy war just escalates from shear stupidity. I don't think Sales make a game great. There have been great games that sold hardly anything and crap games that sold millions.

XxZxX3326d ago

wow soda actually said quality > quantity now. hehehehee
The table has definitely turned.

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3327d ago
Sarcasm3327d ago

Yeah Killzone 2, LBP, Uncharted, etc. are all flops because they've only sold 2 million+ copies.

Forza 3 debuts at less than a few hundred thousand and he screams "SUCCESS!"

If you were my son, I'd disown you for being so stupid.

corneliuscrust3327d ago

Either way, there isn't even much data to go on here.

Now please continue overreacting to a comment

Montrealien3327d ago


I am bilingual canadian, I have spoken french and english for as long as I can remember and I am proud of both my french and enlgish heritage in this great country of ours and calling me an elitist french kid just goes to show what kind of a person you are.

Man up a little and grow some balls, if someone accuses you of something don`t just call them a name and block them, just shows what a failure you are at defending yourself, and you culture. At the very least you could of told me why saying the french canadians should have been assimilated in the colonial days was not racist. Then again, I don`t think you can, you might as well go defend the jewish genocide while you are at it.

/on topic

GJ Turn 10, great sales for a great game.

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