Assassin's Creed Exclusive Master Edition Unboxing

The sexy details of the Master Edition.

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FAT MAN GO BOOM3329d ago

I love this set... and it is only 20 bucks more... and the figure will look awesome on my game shelf...

So many game so very very little money....

dgroundwater3328d ago (Edited 3328d ago )

I got this at Blockbuster Canada for $69.99 so I'm happy.

BTW that poster on the table is part of the pack right? If so, my room will look much cooler on the 17th.

bageara3328d ago

Im tempted to fork out the extra cash for this

Karlnag33328d ago

I've had it pre ordered for a while. Didn't even think twice :D

FAT MAN GO BOOM3328d ago

I hope they are still around after Christmas cause that is when I should be able to get it... tough time of year for cash flow for games...

Karlnag33328d ago

but the video could do with being a tad longer.

FAT MAN GO BOOM3328d ago

Yeah I would have liked to see the tim more for sure... that looked awesome...

Karlnag33328d ago

I'd have liked to see everything more... especially the close ups on the figure. It like cut rapidly from head to feet then hidden blade then god knows where else then the full view... all that in the space of about 8 seconds.