Soccer Games Continue To Sell Better On PS3 in UK

Soccer games, Fifa 10, and Pro Evolution Soccer 2010, are continuing to top the PS3 charts in the UK.

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techie3327d ago

Untrue in Fifa's case. Individual Charts: 6. FIFA 10 (XB360), 8. FIFA 10 (PS3)

OGharryjoysticks3327d ago

But then I also heard Sony say MS was giving false numbers and the PS3 was quite a bit ahead. Now since I heard from both sides claim they have the larger customer base, I can only go from there. And even though I don't completely trust either side when they say stuff I am still haunted by Microsoft's constant denial of the RROD to the point that they have definetely lost more cred. So basically I'm going to say there's more PS3's and because there are I'm not surprised more PS3 versions are being sold.

gaffyh3327d ago

Sony and MS both say they are ahead in Europe as a whole, but I think MS is winning slightly in the UK. The reason why MS say they are winning in Europe is because they don't sell the Xbox 360 in as many countries as Sony. Sony also includes other countries in their European number e.g. Middle East. But I doubt there is many sales in those areas.

Still I feel like one of them is lying, and MS have a worse track record for misleading people, so I'd guess it's them.