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2 Days to Vegas

A stylish compilation of most of 2 Days to Vegas screens. (2 Days to Vegas, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)
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power of Green  +   2648d ago
Been looking at these for over a year looks good. Thats strange they dont leave the PSU lettering in one spot. lol
Lord Anubis  +   2648d ago
I think the game looks better than GTA 4, the game could look good but could play horribly. We'll have to see what both games offer.
Hydrolex  +   2648d ago
It looks bette than GTA IV !
no ?
eLiNeS_NIGGER  +   2648d ago
PLZ someone tell me!!!!
How the hell are they going to do this game on xbox 360!!! with 10 bloody disks.. i can understand with bluray and the ps3, but with DVD9, no way. They said this game was going to be huge, and looking at them photos they look in game??? and how the hell can the 360 handle them graphics, it cant!!! but wait people ps3 should be able too. I think we are starting to see the start of the 360 downfall, more and more games that the 360 cant handle... Its a shame, i have a 360 (good console) ps3 kicks it all over the deck. Disagree, if you want people! but the xbots know its true and so does everyone else

power of Green  +   2648d ago
You dont own a 360!, you wouldn't be saying anything about graphical PS3 dominace and terms such as Xbots, sony fanboys call 360 owners that; not even 360 fans that own both consoles call 360 only fans xbots. The devs have made comments about space but to say PS3 has the edge in visuals is silly.
Circa24  +   2648d ago
I don't know what developers you've been listening to, but I've never heard one say "saying the PS3 graphics are better than the 360's is just silly"

I of course don't mean word for word, but what I'm saying is the only people I've ever heard say the PS3 isn't really that great are bloggers with big words. Not from any developers.

The only industry people (that I recall) that said things bad about the PS3 was the Valve CEO and the EA CEO, in which they both said nothing about the graphics. They were just saying how bad the launch was and that it needs a price drop.

So, prove me wrong, I'd like to see what a dev has to say about the PS3 not being that great.
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Odion  +   2648d ago
you know this game is coming out on the 360 as well?

eLiNeS_NIGGER  +   2648d ago
BUt plz tell me how this can be done on 360 and btw am no bloody fanboy,,,ok
Give me a bloody answer and damn my head hurts (wild turkey)...


shopping with granny...
AbyssGravelord  +   2648d ago
Of course your not a fanboy but you sure damn do sound like one.
Loudninja  +   2648d ago
No 360 verison been confriemd yet
Only PS3 and PC
tudors  +   2648d ago
Actually it was announced for the Xbox 360 first in 2005
Actually it was announced for the Xbox 360 first in 2005, if you do a google search for 2 days to vegas you will see the 1st and only shots are Xbox 360, and has far as PS3 being better graphically show me the proof because so far the Xbox 360 is the better graphically, I like my games to have nice graphics so if I thought the PS3 was better I would say so, but I don't so I wont.
id dot entity  +   2648d ago
This game looks awesome, but it has been very quiet around it for some time... what are they doing?
nebpredude84  +   2648d ago
wheres the proof at....
ichimaru  +   2648d ago
r u serious nearly every multiplatform game is developed one the 360. most of the developers themselve admit its extremely easier to develope for, especially in conparison to the ps3. the architecure of the system alone isn't admired like by too many. for the record when the ps3 came out sites like IGN admitted that the 360 has a superior gpu(thats what make the pretty colors) and gave it the upperhand in cpu purpose power. you can say that nothing looks as good mgs4, or lair, then i look at mass effect,and ace combat and laugh. cod 4(i know its multilatform but guess what sytem the devs are using to develope it)looks amazing btw. i know that was a little random, but the game looks awsome.
ichimaru  +   2648d ago
check put th commnet on the bottom right f the picture

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nice_cuppa  +   2647d ago
i think this game is going the way of devil may cry 4.
i.e. now it on 360 too ps3 fans dont care anymore.

me its 360 version due to achievements unless ps3 version is better (enough that i would be missing something)

looks to be a great game on both system so have fun people.

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