This title brings back the challenge of old school difficulty

"Games such as Megaman, Ghost N Goblins, and Ninja Gaiden, were the echelon of challenging NES games that kept you coming back for more. The reward felt in those games after beating them were something to remember, but one WiiWare game aims to bring that feeling back."

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Bereaver3305d ago

SMB (super meat boy) isn't anything like any of the titles they listed.

I mean, they do have a common ground (difficulty) but it's impossible to say that super meat boy will be on the same level. I really don't want to spend all my time jumping him around everywhere to be honest.

I'll just play the flash version lol.

PS about the guy above me (or girl, no clue, and no harm meant lol)

But have you forgotten what "exciting" meant? lol

ndpad3305d ago (Edited 3305d ago )

Yea completely :/

Smacktard3305d ago

Man, I can't wait for this game. I loved getting my ass kicked by Mega Man 9, and then 100%ing it, in-game challenges and all. I'm gonna do the same with this game :D Finally a tough game!

Bereaver3305d ago

Tough, but not the same gameplay. Just because you like MM9 doesn't mean you're going to like super meat boy.

MK_Red3305d ago

The flash version of Meat Boy rules, specially the spuer hard version on NG / Kongregate.

ico923305d ago

i love old school difficulty it makes the game so much more addictive my favourite nes game of all time was mega man 2 so awesome yet so hard flash mans stage anyone?

3304d ago