Digital Spy Preview: To Infinity, and Beyond: 'Dark Void'

DS writes: "Most people have at least once dreamed of hurtling across powder blue skies wearing a jetpack, trailing a streak of fire and broken hearts behind them. From retro helmeted hero The Rocketeer to James Bond in Thunderball, this tantalising technology has long captivated people, even though the actual device has yet to truly materialise. So, while waiting for your real-life jetpack, Crimson Skies developer Airtight Games has created new title Dark Void for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Released early next year, this blockbuster title will see players dive into a parallel universe with only a rocket pack and a stern constitution to save the day. Digital Spy therefore caught up with lead producer Morgan Gray to talk vertical combat, sky-jacking and the joys of individual flight."

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