Rumor: Factor 5 finished Pilotwings, Nintendo publishing it questionable?

"From what ex-Factor 5 employees say, they were not only working on Pilotwings, but completely finished with the title."

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ndpad3334d ago

If true, I want my Pilotwings next year!

Xgamerzus3334d ago

sighs no Lair remake or no Lair at all!!!

ChickeyCantor3334d ago

Snes pilotwings still best. Mode 7 for the win xD

SaiyanFury3334d ago

I'll both agree and disagree with Sidar on this one. While I love Pilotwings on the SNES, I also loved it on the N64. They did a pretty good job of making it. To be honest, it's one of the few old school Nintendo titles that hasn't been milked to death, and I'd easily support a new iteration of it.

ChickeyCantor3334d ago

For some reason Starfox, pilotwings and mario 64 never really grabbed my attention that much as the Snes games.
Not saying they are bad games, but i guess i have more joyful memories with the Snes version.

SpoonyRedMage3334d ago

Ahh, I just want to see something awesome from these guys. I hope everything works out for them.

ndpad3334d ago

Factor 5 CEO is rumored to be making another company name. We will see.

sikbeta3334d ago

Question (for real):

What happen to Factor 5?

EvilTwin3334d ago

sikbeta -- Factor 5 still exists. Its U.S. studio...not so much.

The U.S. studio had a multi-game deal with Brash Entertainment. Brash went under, and F5 needed that business commitment after Lair didn't perform as expected on PS3.

IQUITN4G3334d ago

What gives here Nintendo

Pilotwings and Fzero and possibly a Waverace too, would keep many fans very happy

I just don't understand what's taking so long in getting these to us

Iv'e still got my Wii and the best thing on it is Excitetruck(incredible game), but it's about the only thing i do have apart from Sports and Resort

Thing is i was alright back in the N64 days because i only ever bothered to buy games for it anyway when it was the updated Nintendo classics such as the above

I'm not as much into Mario Galaxy as i was SM64 and Zelda is even something i'm not entirely trusting of these days - so please just give us a Pilotwings, Fzero at least and we'll maybe shut up about Nintendo not giving us what we want

SpoonyRedMage3334d ago

Yah but if the Pilotwings game isn't up to scratch that'd be even worse. They'd never hear the end of it.

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