Ten Minute Taste: Trine (PSN)


Released in July for the PC, Frozenbyte Interactive planned to launch the PSN version of the game later that month. As is plain, that plan didn't pan out. In September, Frozenbyte CEO Lauri Hyvarianen pegged the discovery of small bugs and a lengthy testing process as the culprits. In a more recent explanation, developer Joel said a of failed certification submissions to Sony because of the aforementioned small bugs play a role in delay as well.

Continually pushing dark download thoughts out of mind whenever my Steam client opened over the last few months, I stayed true to what I decided in July -- to experience Trine on a console as opposed to a mouse and keyboard. But my own play was delayed further because something wild happened. I forgot it released on PSN as I plowed through three enormous 'AAA' releases that hit within the downloadable's window.

I remembered it existed thanks to the most recent Giant Bombcast, which smacked my brain guts with a brief discussion of the game's release. But the talk also carried a bit of a warning. There's a mention that PSN version of the game could be buggy (Ed. note: this information came from others; it was only relayed to the audience). Remaining optimistic, I decided to download the puzzler last night. I had, after all, waited this long to play it.

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