Playing Games at Work Increases Productivity?

A survey commissioned by WorldWinner, a provider of online games, has unsurprisingly revealed that playing causal games at work can increase productivity. There's no doubt that everyone needs a break at work, but whether this calls for gaming stations to be implemented at workplaces across the country is another matter... Does your employer let you sneak in the odd game at work?

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laryforlife3834d ago

Yeah i doubt it, looks like an excuse for playing games at work! yeah im all for it!

3833d ago
texism3833d ago

Well duh of course it does. It relaxes the brain. Also, if you knew that when you do a great job you'd have more time to play then you would. As long as it doesn't get to a point where it integers with work.

Bullseye3833d ago

An online game provider, no impartiality there :)

3833d ago
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