Hilarious new Rabbids Go Home 'Failed Attempts UFO' video

The Rabbids are still trying to get home to the moon and in this new video they try to attract the attention of an UFO to try and achieve their goal. Watch the hilarious results below:

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MNicholas3331d ago

Eurogamer/Digital Foundry compares the visuals of Forza 3 with GT5 Prologue and despite 10 comments it's stuck at 20 degrees.

Clearly, someone's trying very hard to keep it off the front page of N4G.


BTW: GT5 Prologue >>Forza 3 says Eurogamer: DF

Digital Foundry put up a Forza 3 vs GT5 Prologue comparison and some people are trying very hard to keep this exciting news item hidden from you by keeping this off the front page of N4G through various well-known tricks.

Here it is:

GT5 Prologue wins by a landslide. So much so that the writer apologies not just for saying so but for Turn10 with unfounded speculation about their development priorities.

Turns out that Forza 3 doesn't even have AF enabled.

Copied from another comment:

Forza 3 "compared with GT5 Prologue?

+ Replay mode has slightly better motion blur
+ V-synced to avoid tearing

- GT5P has far more sophisticated lighting
- GT5P in 720P has 4xMSAA (double of Forza 3)
- GT5P in 1080P mode has 50% higher resolution but still has 2xAA
- GT5P is processing twice as many cars
- GT5P has tons of transparencies like dust-clouds
- GT5P has lots of effects (like heat haze) that Forza 3 simply does not"

They missed a few things like the fact that GT5P has interior rendering, etc...

Turns out that in addition to the inferior AA/resolution, Forza 3 doesnt even have AF!