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We've followed the game Dyson all the way from its origins as an entry in the TIGsource procedural generation competition. It stole our hearts, and later went on to make itself into a freeware game with some added features. Finally, a year later, it has been released under the new title Eufloria. While the title has changed and the gameplay has been tweaked, this is still the Dyson we know and love from so long ago. It's just received a facelift and the trappings of commercial, retail release. While it may appear to be a strategy game on the surface, it's actually something much different, and sets itself apart through its liberal use of procedural generation and an incredibly unique atmosphere.

First off is Eufloria's graphics and sound, and they haven't changed much. The graphics are still simple and clean, and the sound is still peaceful and resonant. The biggest change is in the animations and the trees, which are not much more fluid and plant-like, making the game more interesting when zoomed in all the way than it was before. The graphics in the alternate Dark Matter mode also play off of this, although it makes the game much more dark and contrasting than the normal mode. The sounds never rise to anything above a peaceful ambiance no matter the mode, which further reinforces the calmness of Eufloria.

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