Stolen Games Exposed on the App Store

No Dpad:

There are things in this world that really get my goat. And there are other things in this world that bite off my goat's head and stuff its blood-spewing neck full of razorblades while listening to the Macarena. Blatant rip-offs fall into the latter category. And so does negligence.

I point the first finger at Apple who, despite subjecting all App Store submissions to an anal retentive approval process, continues to allow crap such as the following into the App Store. I will spend the rest of this article lambasting the disreputable, unscrupulous, thieving developers responsible for the games below.

I encourage all readers to make themselves as obnoxious as possible to these developers. Send them hate mail. Flame their app pages. Lambaste them on forums. At the very least, their apps should be removed from the App Store. Better still, they should find themselves the subjects of lawsuits by the rights-holders upon whom they are infringing. Let us dally no longer! Let the hate list begin!

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