Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII To Offer 100 Hours Of Gameplay

Handheld RPGs usually fall short in terms of game length when compared to their console counterparts. However, this will not be the case with Square-Enix's upcoming Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII for PSP. Director Hajime Tabata has stated that Crisis Core's main quest will deliver approximately 30 hours of gameplay, while tackling additional side-quests and collecting all available Materia will further extend the gameplay experience to over 100 hours total.

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consolecrusader4221d ago

One thing PS RPG's always give us....HOURS AND HOUR of gameplay...not 12 hour rpgs like xb and 360

WilliamRLBaker4221d ago

lasted 12 hours? as for that i highly doubt this game will have 100 hours of gameplay, i'm sure ill get every thing all side quest and master it in about 40 hours, Sadly I'm not sure if ill play it, Its ff7 the worst game ever, and atleast jrpg type games like sudeki tried soemthing new, where for the past 6-8 years ff has been nothing but, nameless evil, swords and such where you could mix and match pretty much mediocre cookie cutter storylines as you pleased.

I wish square would actually get brains and come up with original ideas instead of remaking every last crappy game they made, instead of remaking for the big systems ff1-6, I could care less bout 7-x2 damit.

Give me Kefka is full HD 3d models...ect
Or Zeromus...or something, Any thing other then whiney goth boy spehy whom i beat in under 2 minutes.

clownfacemcgee4221d ago

Is the reason you don't care about FF 7-x2, because tehy weren't on a Microsoft console? All of the Final Fantasies have been incredible games, except for possibly X2, but X2 was just crappy.

Final Fantasy VII is a widely renowned storyline which has been very popular and is very interesting. I'm sorry (actually I'm not) if it's too much for you to comprehend, but Final Fantasy 7's storyline is very well thought out and unique.

Maybe it borrowed stuff from other Final Fantasies and other RPG's, but if that's the case, then everyone copied Zelda really.

Babylonian4221d ago

Now that was one big son of bit*h. I really didn't know how the beat the motherfu*ker until I trowed a bloodlance I kept it the entire game (it is a crap weapon but very effective against Zeromus). Ahh yes......that was a fun game.

ItsDubC4156d ago

I agree w/ Mr. Bill Baker, FF7's story paled in comparison to FF6's and FF4's.

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Odion4221d ago

why did you have to start a flamewar????

This game makes me want to get a PsP i may get it

Also just a side note

Morrowind, KOTOR all 30+ hour rpgs

clownfacemcgee4221d ago

I know your point was that 30 hour RPG's like Morrowind or KOTOR (I love KOTOR 2 btw) are greater than 12 hours, but still not 100 hours, which is on a handheld. But yeah, flame wars suck. (and they burn my testicles)

clownfacemcgee4221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

WoW! Just WoW! I can't wait to play 100+ hours (yes I suck, that's why I said 100+) of gameplay. That's absolutely incredible for a handheld. Still think UMD was a bad idea? 100 hours! Try fitting 100 hours onto a cartridge. (no offense DS fans out there, just no 100 hours of FF for you)

WilliamRLBaker4221d ago

are you like stupid? the type of media you use, has no barring upon quest size, or gameplay time.

If what you say is true, then ff1-6 we're 2 minute games, Phantasy star games we're 3 minute games.

clownfacemcgee4221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

Storage size has a lot to do with it. If you're going to fit more content in the game, without degrading the graphics or physics or AI or something else, you need a larger storage medium to do it. Please no personal attacks, think about that stuff before you write your comment.

Early Final Fantasy games didn't have intense graphics, physics, AI, etc., so you could fit a big game on there, of low quality.

And correct your grammar, you said "we're", when it should've been "were".

Edit: at your comment below, you say "those games we're (sic) the pinacle of console tech in that day" EXACTLY! In that day, but it's not that day. If Square put out a text based RPG, I wouldn't buy it and I don't know anyone that would aside for kicks. The bar is expected to raise, and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (why did they put the Crisis Core before the Final Fantasy VII? I don't think I've seen a Final Fantasy title that way before) will continue to raise the bar for what handheld RPG's can do. With all that in mind, they could put intense graphics like in this game, onto a DS sized cartridge theoretically, but the game would be drastically drastically shorter, unless they wanted to use a lot of cartidges. So for a game of this magnitude, Crisis Core: FF VII, the medium plays a huge role in determining stuff from the size of the levels to the number of allies and enemies and therefor the size of the game.

WilliamRLBaker4221d ago (Edited 4221d ago )

storage size has no bearing upon size of quest or gameplay hours, It only has a bearing upon physics, engine...ect Graphics and sound.

yet again if storage size has bearing upon the length of a quest then ff1-6 lasted 2 minutes, and the phantasy star games lasted 2 minutes as well, and a text only rpg will last 50 seconds on a floppy disc right?

and they we're low quality? those games we're the pinacle of console tech in that day. you have no idea what your talking about.

and to your reply to Odion, you say Ob, and KOTOR...ect aren't 100 hours? but are 30 hours guess what the article says.

""Director Hajime Tabata has stated that Crisis Core's main quest will deliver approximately 30 hours of gameplay, while tackling additional side-quests and collecting all available Materia will further extend the gameplay experience to over 100 hours total.""

So the main quest will be 30 hours, side quests and such will add to that length, Oblivion, morrowind, kotor 1 and 2 we're all 20-30 hour main quest games, with side quests that put them far above 100 hours.

P.S: i must have hit a vein if your stooping down to correct your grammar.

P.P.S: another thing about lenght, using ingame assets all ready there, text does not take up that much storage size so they can easily make side quests using current game assets and text dialogs... lol your funny man. im off to play tiberian sun.

bootsielon4221d ago

It seems that you're discussing with someone that has the same level of intelligence of a recently born baby (Is it coincidence that his picture is that of a baby? I think not).

Seriously though, storage medium is important for NON LINEAR games. A game with many sidequests is certainly not linear. If you wanna make a game that has vast worlds, detailed textures, high quality sound, and is as long as this one, you do need a big storage medium. In fact, UMD might not have been enough, but oh well, at least it's better than cartridges.

GTA 4 proves my point, as Rockstar is pretty much struggling to fit it on a single DVD. That game would make no sense on more than one disc, since you need to have any part of all the content immediately available. So naturally, Blu-ray was a much better choice for those kinds of games. More games like that include The Getaway, L.A. Noire, racing games (GT5), Fighting games (Tekken 6), and sports games (Winning Eleven 11 anyone? 18 Gigabytes; you can't make a sports game use two discs).

Further proof of my point was that the cube didn't even get GTA, and the multiplatform games were better on PS2 in terms of cut-scenes and sound. It also had the best RPGs of all three last gen platforms.

PS1 also made use of its storage medium to beat N64. Yes, FF games were on multiple discs; but they had to repeat a lot of information on each disc, and that's not necessarily possible currently. Furthermore, FF games were linear back then. FFX was not linear, so it would have been impossible to make it use more than 1 disc. Still, PS1 had a lot of advantages over N64 thanks solely to its format.

William Baker, just admit it does have some advantages, fanboy.

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PS360WII4221d ago

slick willy. very impressive I can lose myself in that time ^^ Oblivion lasted 50ish hours main quest.... that was nice and I'm arch mage but that is as far as I went with the side quests so around 60+ hours I think I'm left at. Basically I can see a rpg getting up in the 100 hour range and Square Enix can easily do it. Martira in the game too ^^ got to master em all

nightwing4156d ago

When Final Fantasy VII came out on Playstation, Squaresoft (now Square Enix) ran an add basically saying that the medium they chose mattered. It had a picture of the Shinra canon and said to fit this game on a cartridge it would cost you 1200 dollars. More or less meaning the couldn't put it on N64.