American Mcgee's Return Of Alice Unveiled

HellDescent writes: "The sequel to the cult classic American Mcgee's Alice has now been unveiled. Mcgee will be reprising his role as head of this title and EA has given him full freedom to do what ever the hell he wants. The game will simply be called "The Return of Alice. The original was a strange but awesome take on the story we all know and was pretty well received. The trailer is already hinting at how strange the sequel with be. Stop motion and psychological evaluations mix well for some reason. We can see the Hot Topic merchandising already."

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Arsenic133329d ago

I love the art style. I want a plush of the Cheshire cat now!

Alcohog3329d ago

This was a great game, I'm excited to see it coming back. It's been a LONG time.

Sangria3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

Awesome, American McGee's Alice was really great, with a sweet level and chara-design and nice dubbing. Can't wait to see the Cheshire Cat again !

theusedfake3328d ago

this is amazing! it's about time lol.
I can't wait, I loved everything about the first.
the music was hauntingly beautiful

foreverflame3328d ago

Looks better than uncharted 2