Modern Warfare 2: Leaderboard Reset

Robert Bowling (FourZeroTwo), the creative strategist at Infinity Ward, has finally addressed the issue of an unfair advantage for people who already have their hands on a copy of Modern Warfare 2.

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Cronnie3334d ago

They deserve it, you have to be a right idiot to go online with a pirate copy.

simplyRealistic183334d ago

getting the game early is not pirating, you still paying for the game

RedMist113334d ago

Microsoft are not stupid, they can find out who has a genuine or pirated copy.

mauleriscool3334d ago

"microsoft is not stupid"

Then why haven't they fixed ability to mod xbox to pirate the games?

housegroove763334d ago

i say if they do have a pirated copy, their entire live account should be banned. I know you cant tell if its a broken street date or pirated copy, but that would be my solution. Not just a smack on the wrists (which is what say resetting the leaderboards is) and yeah i singled out the xbox, cause you cant copy PS3 games.

Barbapapa3334d ago

any consoles that can be moded for piracy sells well in the third world. i know a lot of people who bought 360s just to avoid parting with 60$ which is very expensive in asia ;P

Led Zeppelin3334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

@ Mauleriscool

"Microsoft are not stupid" is technically correct. The UK and the rest of the world tend to use that form, while Americans would tend to say "is".

It is much like "color" and "colour"

WildArmed3334d ago

buut buut buuu ttt according to IW n Activision, MW2 being leaked rumors were fake -.-

mikeslemonade3334d ago

Another reason why I got the PS3 version because there's lesser people that are getting the game early. When I get the game on launch day the game is going to be a better experience when everyone is new to the game.

leila013334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

With fanboys like you on PSN, I doubt it.


Btw I just checked your comment history and you talk sh!t about Modern Warfare 2 all the time, now you're going to buy the game? Haha you're funny.

Apocwhen3334d ago

"Another reason why I got the PS3 version because there's lesser people that are getting the game early. When I get the game on launch day the game is going to be a better experience when everyone is new to the game."

As far as I recall, it was the PS3 version of the game that was used for the first streaming video gameplay.

MSpence5163334d ago

This is not like the old xbox with mod chips, MS cannot tell if they are playing legit or pirated games. This is why they can't do much. The bans that happened last week are people who did not update to the newest firmware when MS updated their security software.

ID IR A G 0 N3334d ago

dont be jealous cause you cant play yet.

ProperFunked3334d ago

my local (hole in the wall) game store calls you the day they get the game in whether it be 3 days before release date, or 2 weeks. they just say come and pick it up. even the gamestop RIGHT down the street knows about it, yet they don't care. the only reason i'd buy anything from gamestop is the LE/SE/CE versions of the game. also they sell their games for 54.99 instead of 59.99.

3334d ago
Tjtroublemaker3333d ago

they should isolate their ip addresses and bust up in their houses and smash their copy of the game to pieces lol

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3334d ago
Halo3 MLG Pro3334d ago

Doesn't matter. I'll be in the top 10 with most kills anyway.

MetalGearBear 3334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

u must have no life.
nuff said.

FantasyStar3334d ago

He's a "gamer". He has "many lives!!!"


peeps3334d ago

haha the problem with mw ranking is it really is just playtime. you could be an amazing player but another player may have way way more kills than you cus they can play the game more. it amazes me how much time people have on their hands.

i say bring back the old school ranking system where it based it on how consistant you were rather than playtime

WildArmed3333d ago

but isnt tthat why people find CoD4 so addiciting? the crazy MP level up system, prestige after prestige/

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woolley3334d ago

Their consoles should be banned all together.

woolley3334d ago

Jealous of what? I don't care that much about MW2. It's the fact that they are using pirated games. And that they are just complete retards.

WildArmed3333d ago

If they did get it by pirating the game, they should be banned. Anyone who thinks otherwise is probably a communist =p

But people's hard work is in that game, and they deserve the money for it.. or atleast the respect (considering Activision is gonna hog up the money, not IW)

If they bought the game early, lucky them

I am Legend3334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

Anybody know how the hell people get to number 1 with like a billion kills?


That's true.

neonlight453334d ago

or in WAW like all top ten or most top 50 have like six ps3's and they play capture the flag so they kill dummy accounts without a time limit

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