God Of War 3 Demo Gameplay

The Video After the jump shows the whole 20 Minute long Demo.. Take a look its pretty Sweet!!

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Bereaver3304d ago

GoW3 has always been for the truly "epic" loving audience.

Those with faint hearts.... steer away!

The road sign reads "Careful! Kratos X-ing"

jhooty143304d ago

saaking looks like some xbox fanboys saw ur comment

Sarcasm3304d ago

I'm sorry, but not even Chuck Norris can mess with Kratos.

jhooty143304d ago

this game is just too good

raztad3303d ago


On topic: You right. GoW3 is looking to be something else. Huge GoW fan here.

Bloodshedder3304d ago

i got a promotion code from Playstation Network but my PS3 is banned from PSN

whothedog3304d ago

I will take it, you know, since you can't use it :)

elcompa4253304d ago

You were BANNED!!?? That sucks...

ON TOPIC: I'm going to wait to pre-order this game. I have to close some odd and ends, before I get this masterpiece. I can't wait!!!!


SnuggleBandit3304d ago

HOW do you even get banned??

Like saying ignorant/racist crap on psn or something?

No FanS Land3304d ago

we don't often hear about sony's banhammer,though I could bet all the exclusives in the world you only got an error message. And then when you called, ding! you were banned. that sucks though, (and at the same time this error code system sucks too, why not just plain write cause of a specific problem??)

crazydrummerlad13304d ago

ur whole ps3 got banned or jus ur psn account? cuz i didnt think sony banned entire ps3's. n if its ur whole ps3, how did u get banned?

SnuggleBandit3304d ago

seriously why did i get disagrees?? I just asked a damn question...

No FanS Land3304d ago

@z-hayden: there are fanboys that seems to be haters against justabout everything. count yourself lucky you haven't lost a bubble!

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calis3304d ago

The demo was epically awesome and it is so violent but so good. It's like chocolate going to my thighs, it's bad but damn it's good.

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The story is too old to be commented.