The Truth of the Target Technologies lawsuit against Sony subsidiaries

The Target Technologies lawsuit for patent infringement against Sony Pictures, SCEA, and Sony DADC is a lot more corrupt than what the media is willing to make of it by giving the benefit of the doubt to Target Technologies and selectively not stating details in order to give a perception that Sony is the criminal. It is also more corrupt than what is perceived by the masses due to their lack of attention to fine details and lack of questioning the details present. Here is the information, in truth, on the matter of the Target Technologies lawsuit.

The only company that seems capable of saving Sony, the Blu-Ray Disc Association, and Blu-Ray itself, is in fact Kodak and they need to be brought into the Blu-Ray Disc Association to help.

Kodak is the only company that has a patent to defend the Target Technologies patents because the patent Kodak made, before all of the Target Technologies patents, had distinctively stated the materials needed to be used in the reflective layer in Optical Discs where "the reflecting layer is comprised of a silver-palladium alloy, a silver-copper alloy, or a silver-palladium-copper alloy". The Patent Kodak made, was granted in September 7, 1999.


Target Technology's business profile can be found at


Williams Advanced Materials Pursues Legal Action Against Target Technology Company

BUFFALO, New York--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 14, 2003

Williams Advanced Materials Inc. announced today that it has filed suit in United States District Court in the Western District of New York against Target Technology Company, LLC of Irvine, California.

The legal action seeks to enjoin Target Technology from further acts of unfair competition


For more information regarding the case, do a word search for "Target Technology" on the following page:

Williams Advanced Materials, Inc. (WAM) is a party to patent litigation with Target Technology Company, LLC (Target). In first actions filed in April 2003 by WAM against Target in the U.S. District Court, Western District of New York, consolidated under case number 03-CV-0276A(SR), WAM has asked the court for a judgment declaring certain Target patents as invalid and/or unenforceable and awarding WAM damages in related cases. Target has counterclaimed alleging infringement and seeking a judgment for infringement, an injunction against further infringement and damages for past infringement.

In September 2004, Target filed a separate action for patent infringement in U.S. District Court, Central District of California, case number SACV04-1083 DOC (MLGx), which action named as defendants, among others, WAM and WAM customers who purchase certain WAM alloys used in the production of DVDs. In the California action, Target alleges that the patent at issue, which is related to the patents at issue in the New York action, protects the use of certain silver alloys to make the semi-reflective layer in DVDs, and that in DVD-9s, a metal film is applied to the semi-reflective layer by a sputtering process


Williams Advanced Materials files suit against Target Technology Company: April 26, 2007



BUFFALO, New York - April 14, 2003 - Williams Advanced Materials Inc. announced today that it has filed suit in United States District Court in the Western District of New York against Target Technology Company, LLC of Irvine, California.

The legal action seeks to enjoin Target Technology from further acts of unfair competition, including a recent practice of communicating false and misleading statements to Williams' customers. Additionally, Williams Advanced Materials has asked the Court for a declaration that it has not infringed or caused any of its customers to infringe any valid patent rights of Target Technology.

Williams Advanced Materials Inc. is a leading manufacturer, refiner and supplier of metals and metal alloys, including "sputtering targets" used in the production of optical media such as digital video discs (DVDs).

Since 2000, Williams has been licensed by Target Technology to manufacture certain alloys for use in the production of the reflective and semi-reflective layers formed on DVDs. In 2002, Williams Advanced Materials introduced a newly dev

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DJ4192d ago

This is even worse than I thought. Target's screwed.

novaIS3504192d ago

Target am cry. Hopefully this won't be dragged out too long.

Skynetone4192d ago

companies in the Blu-Ray Disc Association, have absolutely NO PATENTS regarding combination of metals for Blu-Ray or any optical disc before Target Technologies first patent was in fact approved and granted

SlockJob4192d ago

What you just stated is not true.

WilliamRLBaker4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

a company with a wealth of patents on certain manufacturer necceseties in optical mdia is sueing sony, the only way that they could try to stop this..*try as in it might not work* is by bringing one of the original patent holders of said manufacturing necceseties of optical in this case KODAK into the BDA so they can cover their butts? right?
So pretty much Sony is still screwed in that department unless kodak joins the BDA.

I love the sony protection group, they are like the sony conspiracy group, MAN I tell you man! The ps3 was shot from the grassy gnoll man! not the book depository!!! lol "what the media is willing to make of it by giving the benefit of the doubt to Target Technologies and selectively not stating details in order to give a perception that Sony is the criminal.""
It sure sounds like a conspiracy to me! the media wants to brand sony currupt and criminal, I love how the poster says certain details aren't being released, WHO KNOWS THESE DETAILS? really who knows the details posted? the details aren't needed because the case is simple, One company is sueing another thats about the jist of it.

P.S: do you know how often people/companies sue one another in this country? lol this is nothing new, and its certainly not a conspiracy as the sony (conspiracy) group wants you to believe.

Lord Anubis4192d ago

No you got it all wrong, Target is a leech, and Sony Can license the Kodak technology and not target. They could save money and bring Kodak into the blura group

WilliamRLBaker4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

How can I be wrong, when I just recycled exactly what that thread said.

A company we are calling target is sueing sony for patent infringement, the patents they hold are on the manufacturer neccessties of silvers, and other compound materials in the optical layer right?

Ok Sony didn't ask to use those patents if they are sueing them for patent infringement, Sony can bypass all legal troubles by Licensing kodak patents that deal with the same materials required in opitcal layers right?

THATS WHAT I JUST SAID! And if sony doesn't license said tech from kodak then they are screwed legally.

and below is IRTS comment which brings up alot of good questions, if alot of that is true then kodak wont help sony at all, and then you have the fact that if blu ray discs up untill now have infringed on patents held by target, then it doesn't matter if kodak joins or whatever, sony still has to settle the infringement of blu ray discs prior to kodak joining.

Lord Anubis4192d ago

well, a lawsuit takes years in the event the lawsuits continues. Sony can share technology with Kodak to step in and deny the patents by countering the alleged patents. which kodak allegedly, originally designed the technolgoy and targte spun the patentes. If kodak counters they could benefit from the gained technology and cancel everything out.

but what do I know, I didn't major in Law school

WilliamRLBaker4192d ago

cause i dont like being told i'm wrong when all i did was recycle what i read, cause if the thread is right, then i am right when i recycle it.

As for that And yes i understand kodak comming in...ect i said all that didn't i? but still if sony infringed on target patents and kodak patents are pretty much the same didn't sony infringe on kodak patents? i dont know but it seems to be just a stupid silly thing, its no different then sueing for stepping on someones foot.

ITR4192d ago


Target has been doing this for quite sometime. Notice they went after Sony not DVD-9 or DVD-R media even though they have patents for it.

"Target Technology Company LLC offers proprietary silver alloy sputtering targets for the semi reflective (Layer 0) of DVD-9. Many DVD replication companies worldwide are using our innovative target material to replace gold or silicon as the semi-reflective layer in the production of DVD-9. Our customers have been producing DVD-9 discs using our silver alloy technology for over six year with very favorable results. The disc quality is consistently better than conventional DVD-9 with gold and aluminum layers and yet the cost is substantially lower."


clownfacemcgee4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

Target has a patent monopoly. Remember the board game, where you buy out the whole board, and then you win? That was the old rules. Under the new rules, when you buy out the whole board, you get sued by the government for having an intentional monopoly. =) Also Target isn't allowed to have a patent on something that Kodak already has a patent on. Someone in the patent office is probably just a retard. Target doesn't have any ground to stand on, because Kodak already owned the patent before them, and they are just trying to take advantage of general wording to leach off of Blu-Ray's good sales.

If Kodak on the other hand wanted to sue Sony... well Sony better get real good at pulling rabbits out of their hat.

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ITR4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

Grasping at straws are we?

First, to bring Kodak into the Blu-Ray Disc Association, Kodak would have to have something to gain from it. Since they don't make players or movies per say, I'd say it would be monetary based.

Second, if Kodak's patent is essential the same as the Target patent, why did the US patent office grant it to the Target company in 2006? If it is the same why isn't Kodak suing Sony for patent infringement and protesting the Target company's current patent with the US patent office?

Third, Target will site the Immersion case since it was also patent infringement. Sony lost that case and it will hurt them when it's brought up again in this patent infringment case. The Immersion case is still fresh in the minds of many and it alone will cast a shadowy veil of doubt on the current court proceedings.

4192d ago
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