Gran Turismo 5 Track Editor Confirmed By Polyphony Digital

With the recent rumors and videos that have been going around about Gran Turismo 5 having a track editor, we decided to contact the developers to find out if it was true or not. Now, we have a official answer.

This is not a duplicate story! This is the word from the Developers of the game, not from the DigiExpo.

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Nawert3329d ago

This is huge! Really huge!

thedisagreefairy3329d ago

i tried to tell ppl in the forums about this feature when there was a gt5 vs forza 3 thread

and a bunch of 360 fans kept trashing me saying i was stupid and making stuff up

i guess i got the last laugh...

WildArmed3329d ago

lmfao! This IS badass!
Now I may considering picking up GT5 even though i am not a fan of racer games.
Gonna make a jump maps :) SOOO fun to mess around such expensive and sexy cars :)

dkblackhawk503329d ago

This is not bad ass...this is bad ass extreme!

Saaking3329d ago

This puts GT5 MILES ahead of ANYTHING on the market.

sinncross3329d ago


Epicness confirmed.

GT5 and Modnation Racers really make 2010 amazing for racing fans!

Marceles3329d ago

*alarm goes off at Turn 10*

"Quick! Make a Track Editor patch for Forza 3!"

*next news story*

"Turn 10 Brings Innovative Track Editor patch for the already definitive Forza 3. 'Polyphony better step their game up', says Turn 10 developer."

Foliage3329d ago

Seeing as there is no bots, there must be absolutely no way to spin this one.

Forza was beat in every category, and now it is beat in categories it couldn't even manage to show up for. Enjoy Forza 1.7 while we enjoy a true genre innovator.

I wonder if Turned 10 is delusional enough to run their mouths ever again.

Foliage3329d ago

"Quick! Make a Track Editor patch for Forza 3!"

Nah, they'll just release Forza 4 in two months. Who needs innovation and quality control when you have propaganda, marketing, and an incredibly stupid target market?

MEsoJD3329d ago

........... *head explodes*.........

Marceles3329d ago

"Nah, they'll just release Forza 4 in two months."


ReservoirDog3163329d ago

No, Modnation Racers had this from the start. Everyone knows that's gonna be miles better than GT5.

Joking by the way.

You know, I really don't like racing games (I suck at them) but there's a part of me that wants to get this.

Sarcasm3329d ago

"an incredibly stupid target market? "

LMAO Ain't that the truth. Turn 10 says "Definitive definitive definitive!" and they all follow like sheep "Definitive... Definitive... Definitive..." and actually believe it.

cRaZyLeGs 933329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

GT Will never have the community features that Forza has, that and Forza is a fun game to play.
Edit: This feature sounds better than what I thought it was. I hope we can download others (Guessing we can).

Sarcasm3329d ago

^^^^ “Yes it will have a track editor. You will be able to rebuild a track from scratch or edit the tracks that are already put in Gran Turismo 5.”

Ummm... Yeah...

Xbox Avatars Shoe3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

Without these amazing features, GT5 isn't any better than Mario Kart Wii:

Does it have an in-game replay feature? NO! Does it have realistic physics, like a car that endlessly rolls into a wall? NO! Can you paint your car, which adds absolutely nothing to the "sim" gameplay? NO! Does it have damage that half of the time doesn't register? NO! Does it have worse graphics than a multiplatform game like NfS: Shift? NO! Is it definitive? NO!

Without those incredible features, GT5 is destined to fail!


cmrbe3329d ago

GT5 is already ahead of anything else before this feature was announced. This will put it ahead of any racing game until GT7 on PS4.

As I said many times before. GT5 will be the highest rated GT game and takes off where GT3 left off.

GT haters are going to find out just how big GT really is and how insignificant Forza is to
GT like I have been telling them. In their insecurity they bashed the biggest PS exclusive franchise and one of the most respected devs in gaming and in the auto industry. I feel sorry for them.

Shadow Flare3329d ago

This is awesome news. I was a little worried that there won't be as many point to point rally tracks as i'd wish. But with the track editor, people are going to make all the point to point rally tracks I could ever wish for

RedPawn3329d ago

Don't care about damage, but paint shop would be the sh!t, but ingenuity 1st, balance & options people.

mint royale3329d ago


Agreed :D :D :D

The rallying will hopefull be awesome.

Does anyone know if Formula 1 is being catered for in GT5 I can't find info on it anywhere?

rekonizakilla3329d ago

Codemasters got the rights for that now, but we might see 2008/07 cars in the game. Can't remember where I heard that so t might be bollucks

UltimateIdiot9113329d ago

I'm going to do something mindblowing. A NASCAR track, where nascars turn right.

uie4rhig3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )


ok only joking.. but seriously tho.. this is huge news hmm!

PS: caps were intended!

Xbox Avatars Shoe3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )


JL3329d ago

@Ultimate Idiot
LOL That's funny actually. My dad's a big nascar fan and I'm always giving him sht about not understanding how he enjoys it when all they do is drive in a circle for hours on end. "Number 45 making a left turn now.....oh my god, here comes another left turn".

I agree. I think this GT should prove to be huge. This feature sounds pretty damn awesome itself. I am expecting big things from this game though (as if things aren't big enough already). I've always enjoyed the GT games. A-Spec was probably my favorite. Then came GT4, and while I still liked it, it wasn't as great as 3. Just seemed like they got a bit stagnant (though PD at a stagnant state is still great--says alot for them). But they didn't have any competition then so they became a tad bit complacent. Now they have Turn 10 in their face (talking crap all the time) and they have a decent competitor, in the Forza series, to push them. I fully expect them to step up to that challenge and 110% deliver. Can't wait for this game. Actually this game and Mod Nation both and I'm set for racing games this generation.

Really can't wait to get on that track editor and also see what others come up with.

aaron58293329d ago

We can definately expect some crazy dude, especially the modders to come up with real life tracks that wont be featured in GT5.

Now.. that could mean this game could potentially have thousands upon thousands of tracks, including real life and fantasy tracks.

BUT (a big BUT)

Only if this story is true... if it is true.. that omfg, all the wait have been well worth it !

vhero3329d ago

Hahaha and they said Forza had more tracks!

sikbeta3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

GT5 > all the other "racing" games


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hay3329d ago

Now this is just insane, features are pouring left and right.

dkblackhawk503329d ago

Yep and more announcements are going to come. *hint hint* :P

Gabe EatsWell3329d ago

E4G please tell us some more of what you know. :)

Anorexorcist3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

Looks like the delay till early next year has only sprouted more fruit for Gran Turismo 5.

Forza, it was nice knowing ya! Well not really, but nonetheless your a$$ is grass and Polyphony just smoked it!!!!!!!!!

Redempteur3329d ago

argh i'm already in GT psp unlocking cars left and right ( in order to be ready for GT5 ) ..

AND AND ....AND ... i'll have a track editor ????

The smile on my face is so huge i can't believe it ....

How am i supposed to sleep now ? ( and to think my imagination was already full thinking of what i could make in the mod nation racer beta ... )

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dkblackhawk3329d ago

This is not a duplicate story, has N4G become that stupid? Great article E4G, I am so pumped for the game.

dkblackhawk503329d ago

Thanks man, at least you understood it :P.

Salvadore3329d ago

Of course it isn't a duplicate, when it has already been submitted as an alternative source.... Yeah, I'm stupid. Either way, this sounds very promising and I cannot wait to play the game.

FiftyFourPointTwo3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

Another day, another bad news for the bots.
"bu-bu-bu-but we have a rewind feature!!!!!!"

Gran Turismo 5. Only on AAAstation 3. It Only Does Everything™.

Saaking3329d ago

I've really noticed that there's been VERY little good news for the bots. It's mostly all been good for us PS3 owners.

thor3329d ago

Poor Xbots

They are crying inside.

Bubububu definitive!!!11

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3329d ago

They need a 'Game Editor' so they can make their own games because Micro$oft aren't making any for them!!! ;-D

Chubear3329d ago

How on earth do you look at Forza3 and then look at GT5 and go "Yup yup, the one that has way less features, sim and quality is the one I'm giving $60 to. Greatest sim EVA! GT5 iz teh bumper carz cause I likes to paint big arse on my hoodie. Tire deformation & Definitive ftw!"

It almost seems the 360base are begging to be screwed over time and time again and MS is just fulfilling their needs.

54percent3329d ago

Bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-but Floopzaa!!!11 it haz kars and damage!!!1

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sabestar3329d ago

Yes Yes, my God. This just keeps getting better and better, doesn't it?

I am so looking forward to this game, even more than FFXIII or even God of war 3 and that is saying something