PS3Center's Top Ten Games to Remake

PS3Center Writes:
There have been many great games over the long history of the game industry. Many have had groundbreaking technology. While other has the ultimate connection within its story to make you love the game. Hell some even brought along both for an entire franchise. While most of these games are getting sequels or something of the likes, you know deep down inside that's not what you want. Instead you want a remake! With today's technology and the ever evolving game industry, who wouldn't? So here are the top ten games PS3Center wants to see remade!

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WildArmed3333d ago

Perfect list :)
Once i saw MGS1 on Ps1 i was gonna say that the older versions of MGS needed remakes more

then i got to No. 1 and was happy :)

hay3333d ago

Yup, good list. Top 3 hits the spot. I'd love to see both FF6 and older Metal Gears along with Snatcher remade. However MGS had one remake already, it's enough to be honest.

WildArmed3333d ago

Agreed. I'm more excited to see remakes of games older then the psx-xbox-gamecube gen.
Bcoz by-none FF6 was the most epic FF i've played.. ever

gaffyh3333d ago

Vagrant Story FTW!!!!

FiftyFourPointTwo3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

All I want is another Vagrant Story game, I don't care if its a sequel, prequel or a remake.

EDIT: also FFVI remake please.

gaffyh3332d ago

I want an FF7 remake because unfortunately I played FF8 first and I cannot make myself play FF7 with the horrible graphics. :(

Typical-Guy3333d ago

I played MGS1 so many times, I'd go with Rollcage ohhhhhhhhh great moments.

Does anyone remember Aconcagua ??

Cajun Chicken3333d ago

Heeyyy!!! I've personally blogged about Rollcage HD on N4G before!

Personally glad someone else can see the potential here!

BlackIceJoe3331d ago

I so would love to see a Vagrant Story remake or sequel. I really want to see what happens next for Ashley Riot. Past comment history tells you how much I love this game. I so would love to see SE make a new version of Vagrant Story and now that they own Eidos they can make a new Legacy of Kain game too. A remake of Snatcher would be great. I also think if SE remade FFVII they would make tons of money. I think this was a nice list and with the listing of Vagrant Story too was really great.