Vooks: eGames Expo Day 2 Report

Vooks writes: "The second day at eGames proved more fruitful and fun for all with more on stage and a better vibe.

It's just the vibe of the whole thing, as that guy on The Castle once said, and today (well yesterday now) eGames hit a better note with more on show on the stage, more people and more events and interaction on offer. There were all the same displays and shops, but the atmosphere was certainly up-I think we can safely say that if you like a quiet day out Saturday is not the day to go. Hits on the main stage included a singing competition for the younger ones on Disney Pop Hits. Rock Band was also there, and additionally a Q&A with EA Melbourne aka Visceral Games who we have to thank for the Dead Space series among others. They fielded questions from the audience on game development and more; it was great to hear from the guys."

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sa_nick3329d ago

Couple of cool photos there, it's good to see some pics finally emerging.

Also awesome to see my Rock Band stage setup mentioned :D