Bayonetta PS3 vs 360 Performance Data Revealed

There have been numerous video comparisons of Bayonetta PS3 vs Xbox 360. To the naked eye, one can tell the difference between the lighting of the game, some texture problems, and which version appears to running at a smoother framerate. In each and every category, the Xbox 360 is the clear winner. With the game clearly designed for Microsoft's machine, Platinum Games specifically designed Bayonetta to run on the Xbox 360 hardware -- not the PlayStation 3 hardware. A technical comparison has been conducted which shows clear evidence of how the game stacks up on each console, respectively.

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WildArmed3329d ago

wow.. a 30avg fps vs 53 avg fps..

shame on Sega for such a crappy port.
I didnt care about a few crappy textures, but FPS might be a deal breaker for me.
Gonna have to see some HD gameplay from both sides now. =/

Wow.. This has got to be the biggest diappointment in '10.

Megaton3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

Heh, and they claimed both would be 60 FPS locked.

WildArmed3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

yeah, i dont think I want to support their PS3 version at this rate. It'd be supporting crappy ports on all consoles

Luckily PS3 has GoWIII coming in March to show the world how action games are DONE

Baliw3329d ago

You can say:
'Working as intended'

I had my hopes on get this one for my PS3 but looks like is a no-no :_(

Saaking3329d ago

The game was still pretty good on the PS3 though.

darkequitus3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

I have no 360 version to compare at this time. However the PS3 demo was very good. If you are not frame counting and having both run side by side. You would not know. If I was a PS3 only owner, I would buy it, if I like that sort of game.

WildArmed3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

I loved the demo. If the game is steady as the demo I will get it. BUT if the demo was a more stable build then the final i'll be pissed.
I am a multi-console owner. So if my naked eye doesnt see the difference between 360 n ps3, i'll get my ps3 since all my games are on my ps3.
otherwise, I might get it for 360.
But i dont have a 360 demo for bayo, so nothing to compare it to

Whitefox7893329d ago

make some improvements overall by the time it comes out state side.

IdleLeeSiuLung3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

generally, once it hits release it is unlikely that any tweaks will boost the frame rate 60%. It might improve a little, unless something was already planned in which I doubt considering they could have pushed the Japanese release out to match the US release and did NOT.

Once it is a dud, it is likely to stay a dud (relatively speaking of course). However, 30 fps isn't bad at all and is only bad in relation!!!

sikbeta3329d ago

All the Devs that don't want to program for PS3 are so stupid, this is not 2006 anymore, PS3 fanbase is growing constantly and they not going to be so glad to buy a crappy port including myself

QUALITY > quantity


Eddie201013329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

I don't want to support a company that feels its OK to Shaft one system over the other and charging the same price on both systems, they expect us to spend the same kind of money so I want the same game or nearly the same in all respects. I have both systems but I probably won't be getting it for either system, I would still be supporting a company that allowed a lesser port to be made for the other system.

All these developers have had time to get a grips with the PS3 hardware and many have, in fact most have. We all know that games that look much better and run equally as well can be made on the PS3.

Do realize that this game will probably not get anywhere near a perfect score for either version of the game in the US.

ABizzel13329d ago

Platinum Games is the blame as well as Sega. Sega should have the resources by now to make PS3 games, but more importantly Platinum games should have did it themselves. But they didn't so don't buy it.

DelbertGrady3329d ago

Shame on Sony for such crappy third party support.

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spongeboob3329d ago

Yes i get it already, Bayonetta on the PS is complete garbage. Now can i go back to playing games that matter.

N4PS3G3329d ago

yeah..the game received 40/40 in Famitsu it might matter to some ;)

Evocation3329d ago

But the point stands this topic has been done to death,

Saaking3329d ago

Famitsu has no credibility They gave Last Remenant and Haze near perfect scores.

pippoppow3329d ago

Just look at their history. Them claiming this game is some kind of masterpiece that belong among the greatest games ever made is ridiculous. Sure I just checked out the demo and DMC games usually are not my thing but a perfect score?!
PS3 demo ran very well and looked good. I understand people not wanting to pick up a slightly inferior version but maybe they should wait for a price drop to $40. Maybe it'll send a message to Devs, to improve upon PS3 ports. Due to PS3 exclusives, 3rd party Devs need to know that their efforts that are not up to par will be easily ignored or at least not supported at full price, rather easily.

Godmars2903329d ago

And yet the point of this article is at 38/40 the PS3 version is complete garbage. As if to say that if the 360 version didn't exist, if a PS3 owner never saw a side by side comparison, at 38/40 the game is still complete garbage.

DelbertGrady3329d ago

You have something in common then.

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ape0073329d ago

plus 360 has optional install feature that can reduce the load times

Gago3329d ago

yup already preordered the superior 360 vesion

zack613329d ago

I'm getting the 360 version aswell. :)

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Gabe EatsWell3329d ago

I smell a PS3 re-release with additional content.........

FiftyFourPointTwo3329d ago

Same. But I'm not sure about additional content.

Guitarded3329d ago

Sony thought they were going to dominate this gen. and force developers to learn their proprietary architecture. That didn't happen and so now there is much less incentive for publishers to give developers the additional resources required for PS3 development. This is compounded by the fact that attach rates for PS3 are relatively low and that It's main competitor has a higher attach rate and shares it's architecture with another popular platform in the PC.

Poor droids can do nothing but look forward to many more inferior multi-plats because of Sonys arrogance.

Cue list of first and second party games that judging by sales few care about. Bu..bu..but the reviews! You know those things done by people that get payed to play a copy of a game they didn't buy on a system they didn't pay for.

xcox3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

but you'd smell something completely different if you pulled your head out of your ass


anyways, who gives a [email protected] about this POS?
lemme guess... mostly people who can't get GOW 1,2,3...