Torchlight vs. Diablo 3: Style and screenshot comparison compares the style and graphics of Torchlight and Diablo 3.

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tdrules3278d ago

such a good game.
Xfire should get around to supporting it

hay3278d ago

Yeah, Torchlight's brilliant. I havent got such blast in hns games since Diablo 2.

Raf1k13278d ago

It hasn't even been on my radar.

I think I'll look into it.

ThanatosDMC3278d ago

I wish it had multiplayer though. D2 had up to 8 people if i remember correctly. I dont remember how much D1 had.

Darkstorn3277d ago

I was really pleasantly surprised by Torchlight. I wasn't following it until is was out, and it really brings back great memories of the original Diablo. Nice trip down memory lane, IMO.

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MajestieBeast3278d ago

Torchlight love it only should drop more unique blunderbuss pls.

Nihilism3278d ago

I was really suprised how good the graphics were...for it's genre anyway. I'm sure d3 will look better, but not by miles

Relientk773278d ago

I think I will get Torchlight to hold me over til Diablo 3

toaster3278d ago

Why doesn't everyone just play both?!

Torchlight is amazing.

Perjoss3278d ago

don't worry, I get the feeling anyone that likes this kind of game will most certainly play both. Torchlight is an incredibly polished game, you would never believe the team behind it is so small!

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