Final Fantasy XIII level up system introduced, called the Crystalium System. Sphere Grid?

We all have known for some time now that the level up system for Final Fantasy XIII would be different from all other past games. Introducing new systems for magic, attacks and levels. Well, I came upon this article today and I'm just a little disappointed with Square-Enix. They couldn't be original and come up with a new system, but instead re-hash a old system used from Final Fantasy X. On the other hand we have not exactly gotten our hands on Final Fantasy XIII, so it is hard to make a argument. Hit the jump for more info.

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Saaking3330d ago

Will never reach it's full potential. I was gonna buy it day 1, but I'll just wait for some reviews. Maybe just wait for FFvXIII

Myze3330d ago

While the graphics may be downgraded (or not, we won't know till vXIII), the lack of originality in the level up system, worry that the storyline and characters are gonna suck, etc. is because Squenix is just not that good of a developer anymore, at least that's what they've been showing everyone for the past few years. Versus will be a better game because it has a better director who has proven himself, and Nomura is about the only one left, at least the last one left that I have a slight bit of faith in.

vhero3330d ago

Hope its not the sphere grid from FFX that was the WORST level system of ANY FF game EVER!

HardcoreGamer3329d ago


Bonsai12143329d ago

actually, the sphere grid was one of the most customizable systems in FF history... if its like that, i'll be happy.

The real killer3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

You are right, FF13 will never use the full potential from the PS3.
FF13 is just a multiplat, no more interest for me and many other PS3 owners.

Not just the graphics but all others features will be downgraded.
Every single subject about the game, will be downgraded.

The Great Melon3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

I loved the sphere grid in FFX. I remember I stopped playing the game for right at the beginning for several months due to school. When I came back I had forgotten completely about the grid and slowly progressed through the game without leveling up. The game gets very hard quickly when you don't use any of the spheres you obtain. You have to ration supplies and time everything perfectly.

CimmerianDrake3329d ago

You're not much of an RPG player are you? The Sphere Grid in FFX was far from being the worst level up system ever. It was actually a pretty decent system. The WORST level up system ever belongs to FFII. And if you don't know what FFII's leveling system was like, consider yourself lucky. At least with the Sphere Grid, there was customization, allowing the characters to develop how YOU wanted them too instead of preset rules, and it was incredibly easy to use.

The real killer3329d ago


"You're not much of an RPG player are you"

You call FF13 a RPG game? Look at Risen or Gothic series then you call e real RPG game. And believe me, i'm big RPG gamer and fan, and my opinion is FF13 not a true RPG game what i expect from a RPG game.

ThanatosDMC3329d ago

Sphere Grid was one of the best. The FF12 was one of the worst in which you could just leave your PS2/PS3 on to auto kill your enemies with Mirror Mail and when you wake up up acquire all licenses.

Noctis Aftermath3329d ago

I can still run around level 99 or 100 pwning sh1t right? cause i didn't mind the sphere grid, yes i didn't think it was great but it wasn't bad either.

This doesn't phase me at all, but when they announced that there would be no limit breaks that pissed me off.

CimmerianDrake3329d ago

*sigh* Another noob. Listen, the FF series were defining RPG's before Gothic or Risen were even a pipedream in their respective developers minds. FFXIII, being a part of the series, is thus more qualified based on pedigree alone to be called an RPG. Just because your own personal preference states that it's not, doesn't make it a fact. The fact that you consider a NEW game to be more of an RPG than a game in a series that MADE them shows how "green" you are to the genre, despite your reference to Gothic which is 8 years old. Go back and play the original DragonQuests, the first FF's, the original Diablo, etc...

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ZBlacktt3330d ago

When dev's start changing what fans and long time fans loved about a game. It's going to sink. First seeing it go to the XBox turned off SO many because we all see what happens to games when there's a port. Despite what kind of PR Square-Enix has been doing about " there will be no change between the two ". We are all smarter than that.

Now comes changing the mechanics of the game? Wow, talk about really testing the fans loyalty. As long as this game has taken to be made and come out. Why do I feel that they've known about this huge change for some time now. Yet, waited until near release day to make it public. They must know they are really testing the waters here and didn't want fans to find out after buying the game.

Eromu3329d ago

They aren't changing any mechanics of the game, they are just introducing them to us finally. Before this we have never heard how leveling and spells would be.

The way you talk one would think you don't play many Final Fantasy games, they ALWAYS change the leveling mechanics from game to game. It's nothing controversial or shocking at all.

Ace_2353329d ago

Well imo its a great system and it gives u more options as to what u want your characters to learn

silkrevolver3329d ago

I like the Idea of this system and leveling up is such a tired routine. I like to control how my character grows, but still have each one be individualized in some way. This does that.

ballsofsteel3329d ago

what was so bad about the sphere grid? personally i loved that about FFX compared to all the other ones. In FFX each person had their own type of path that reflected their personality you could deviate here an there but there but each of their paths maximized their potential. i really thought FFX had by far the best leveling up system in any FFX game cause you could see what you new moves you could earn

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