Using Trophies to Deliver Big Game

Going through the list of the trophies and medals in Uncharted 2, one spots a yak-petting exercise called "Beast Mode." Jacob Minkoff, of the studio Naughty Dog, explained its origin with a laugh.

"There was a tester we had who came in and was constantly describing Drake as going into 'beast mode,'" said Minkoff, a designer on Uncharted 2. "Like, 'Man, I went into beast mode and merced those fools!' And I said, 'We need a beast mode medal.' It had to happen."

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mastiffchild3329d ago

The thing that winds me up about trophies and achievements is when you have to do ALL the trophies/achievements to complete/get the platinum-on AND offline.

There should be two platinums and two sets of complete gamerscore for a ganme with on anmd offline. Maybe you have a 360 but can't really afford Live-is that reason to penalise you? You might just despise online gaming OR SP gaming isn't your thing too, no? And what if you cannot get devent broadband where you live?

I'm no trophy whore but know I'd have a few more IF so many weren't dependent on online gaming as I just don't have the time to play one game online for that long to complete the achievements/trophoes even if I was bothered as I like a variety AND to complete the SP on the hardest level of every game I have with multiplayer a secondary thing.

Some games, like Warhawk, I just know I'm not good enough(and won't ever be even if I'm pretty good at it these days)to ever get the platinym BUT in SP I would be if they had one as I'd possibly persevere. Anyway, the weirder trophies in U2 are a cool idea as is the dropping of the millions of usual online trophies. However, it would be cool if there was another platinum for those who love the online more. So, yeag, two completes/platinums would be cool and maybe a special, but ingame only, award for doing both-maybe a coold special skin or whatever usable in both modes.

Thinking back I used to be a lot more bothered when about the opnly thing like trophies were R&C's skillpoints as they were often random AND sometimes tricky AND often needed a lot of looking. Whatever, it would be crap being a trophy whore with crappy internet connection at your exchange wouldn't it? So, for those people an offline platinum should be available imo.