PC vs Console: Should Console Gamers Demand Better?

A lot of console gamers are responding with hostility towards PC gamers who are upset about Modern Warfare's lack of dedicated server support. Some are calling PC gamers spoiled, and don't see a problem with them getting the same experience as console gamers.

But that is a problem. If the multiplayer in the PC version of Modern Warfare 2 is basically identical to that of the console versions, then the PC platform is losing functionality that has been standard in online PC gaming since years before Xbox Live hit the scene.

The question a lot of people are asking is, "Why should PC gamers have it better?" The question they should be asking is, "Why should console gamers have it worse?"

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Mista T3329d ago

Mr T says dey are spoiled! only havin to pay 50$ for they games for "better graphics" as they say

or teh analogs is teh fail!!! we gots the mouse!!!

or look at my 30000000x100000000 res!!!!!!!! pshhht please, I pity the foo who think otherwise than Mr T cause I only speak the truth!!!

Pandamobile3329d ago

Why don't you read the article, Mr. T.

mastiffchild3329d ago

The article makes a few decent points. Thing is, that personally, I feel there's room for ALL gamers to demand a better deal.

PC ganmers are getting the squeeze from IW and Actu over dedicated servers right now and there's certainly a move to deprive PC gaming of the perks which, if we're fair, the PC cmunity makes for itself. If they aren't getting a cut somewhere they're out to put an end to mods and the l;ike, imo, and this is just the thin end of a much bigger wedge coming from devs and publishers tired of both this and losing out to piracy. Piracy being ANOTHER thing they do no quite get either-most of the people I know that ever pirate a game or et a torrent do iot to check out games they don't know about and then buy them if they're good-like a demo where there is none-and otherwise wouldn't get the games.

On console the manufacturers, devs and pubs treat us pretty poorly already as they think they have us where they want us-look at MS not allowing mod support for games like L4D which make the PC experience miles better yet the game's still dearer! Shonky consoles, making us lepers for Homebrewing anything, being arrogant, dearer and dearer games while MS also now look to keep more 360 exclusive and don't let Gears2, Fable2 etc go to PC(and I'm thinking AW and even SC:C eventually might go the same way)are evidence of them all wanting more and more control over us while the dstart of DD has seen no cheapening despite lower distribution and production costs.

We get nuvkel and dimed over stuff that, really, costs them NOTHING to make and the level of consumer support is always pretty poor, in my experience anyway, depending entirely on just who you get on the phone and what mood they're in that day.

And what are we gamers like? Totally tribal in many respects even those of us that aren't out and out fanboys of any one thing. PC gamers look down on console gamers(paying for Live, having to pay more, no mods worse gfx than top end PCs), console gamers think PC heads are arrogant and have to pay through the nose to keep up with the Jones's all the time or are all pirates that harm the industry. OR we have those among us who seem to side with their console maker of choice whatecer wriong they do or whatever right anyone else does-like walking PR. There's also a propensity for gamers to shout other gamers down even when they have legitimate issues with certain com[panies when, if we'd only show a little, tiny bit of unity we might ALL get along better AND more importantly start to get the treatment our putting all our spare cash into the industry deserves, no?

Gamers take everything lying down and even get at those of us who do try to stand up to sheer greed or things that are wrong. Having a problem with poor behaviour is not someone calling for the waambulance. Neither is calling it out when we're getting ripped off and the sooner gamers care more about gamers the sooner the companies in question might stop doing whatever they wish to us with no fear of reproach.

Seriously, we must be the dream marketplace. Divided from console to cnsole, platform to platform, territory to territory and even determined to stick up for the indefensible acts that are brought upon us merely to argue with someone usually-we pay through the nose for everything as a result and where PC gamers don't they're now going to get squeezed. We need to sort it out pronto.

It's like when Jaffe(who I admire as a game director)was moaning about second hand sales and nearly everyone , as gamers agreed they should(devs) get something when this happens. Why? I'm a musician. When my stuff gets sold on second hand do I moan and demand anything? Does Ford when a car is sold second hand? No. No other industry would have the front to moan about people selling things on like that-it isn't as if they're illicit copies is it? And most people on N4G supported his daft crusade for some bizarre reason. If devs want to stop second hand sales make games we want to keep more, K? And don't moan -we gamers won't allow ourselves to do it so why would we let you? It's so silly you couldn't make it up. We're totally at their mercy from where I sit.

And that holds true whether you game on a PC, PS3,360,Wii,DS,PSP,iPhone or whatever-we're easy, sefl abusing meat that politely bend over whenever the industry asks. We ight, sometimes, beef about it between ourselves but we NEVER seem to give any kind of unified front to any of the crappy things done to us and it's our daft little loyalties and divisions that allow this state of affairs to carry on.

Rant over. Waaambulance already called. Thanks.

evrfighter3329d ago

some ps3 fans started a petition for dedicated servers on consoles. While I hate ps3 fanboys almost as much as apple zealots. That certainly is the direction console gamers should be going in. Dedicated servers is tried and true. PC gamers will never take you seriously if your fine with hosting games and telling all your friendz you pwn when your ping was 0.

PC gaming laid out a path for console gamers that was filled with free online, free maps, free vehicles, free weapons, and most importantly dedicated servers managed not by the dev's but by the players themselves. Giving you the player COMPLETE CONTROL of your server. The p2p limitations would not have been there and 32-64 player support in your games would have been standard. Then there's also the fact that no one person in the server would have 0 ping advantage.

Why you console gamers strayed from this path I wish I knew. pre-order bonuses maybe?

DonCorneo3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

the pc gaming industry is dead for software developers. think about it: empire total war is the only notable pc exclusive this year. oh yeah, there's sims and wow, which can be played on a 3-year old pc.

hi-end pc gaming is expensive and developers don't make a lot of profit for fine tuning games to look good on it. check out the monthly top 10 sales - all console games.

Cosquae3329d ago

Dawn of War II was pc only as well? But your point is taken about making cutting edge pc games, though I would point at Crytek and look at what they're doing.

Graphically, their 2007 Crysis is still unsurpassed and whilst they only made a moderate profit on the game, they are due to make a large profit on the licensing of CryEngine 3 because of their reputation made from that game. Hence they make their money that way. Epic made more money licensing their Unreal Engine than they ever made on Unreal Tournament games, but it's the games that demonstrated what the engine could do.

Though I would love another high-end PC game... that, unlike Empire Total War, is finished before being released.

ZBlacktt3329d ago

I don't use my PC's or Laptop for gaming. I use my "intended devices". But that's just me. There's always still World of Warcraft for them. :D