Peter Jackson Talks "Halo" Movie

Director Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings) spoke to Stuff website about the big budget adaptation of Microsoft's "Halo" video game.

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Ru4219d ago

Someone supplied DOOM financially!
But No one wants to Do it for Halo?
DooM < HalO
What a World!

Xi4219d ago

it's because the amount of money microsoft is asking them to budget is unheard of.

MK_Red4219d ago

Hollywood is really ignorant. Halo to games is like Spiderman to comics and we all know how Spidey movies are doing in film business.

The BS Police4219d ago

And yet Fox took risks back in 1977 with the original Star Wars (which was not garanteed to amke money)... but not Halo (which is garanteed to make money)?

The exact reason I ahte the movie industry nowadays is becuase they don't take risks anymore.

MoonDust4219d ago

Or someone who will fund.

calderra4219d ago

Because Warner won't fund them?
-Microsoft demands massive proceeds from the movie. Which oddly enough is good- a studio has to want the movie based on concept, because they're not going to make terribly much money off it.
-MS is demanding total creative control, meaning the studio can't totally rewrite everything like DOOM did. Bungie and Peter Jackson will have virtually unlimited control over the movie once it does enter production.

Most studios hate both of those demands.

MK_Red4219d ago

Sony pictures is the company thats making most of game based movies (MGS,Resident Evil & Silent Hill to name a few) but I have a feeling they wont make a Halo film.

But seriously, they make movies for games like unreleased Kane & Lynch and even Gears Of War movie is going forward but NO HALO3!!???

fenderputty4219d ago

if Sony made Halo the movie. I would watch it. As long as the didn't butcher it. I swear if they make a movie and I see master cheif's face, I'll walk out of the theater.

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The story is too old to be commented.