Quality of Current Console Games - PS3 Leads

Often you will hear from gamers from one console group or the other "Your system has no quality games". In the last 6 months this has been true for owners of PS3, we hear it all the time. SPG has set out to investigate these claims.

Of all current consoles the PS3 has the highest percentage of games rated over 80%.
Of all current consoles the X360 has the lowest percentage of games rated under 50%.
The Wii has the lowest percentage of games over 80% and the most under 50% of any console.
The PSP has the highest percentage of games over 80% and the lowest percentage under 50%.

Submitter's note: you can check the validity of these claims yourself.

For example:
14 of the 44 released PS3 games have better rating than 80%. That is 31% of the games.

52 of the 188 released X360 games have better rating than 80%. That is 27% of the games.

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God of Gaming3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

Source: Sony Protection Group? Good lord give me a break.... I am pretty sure Sony will be just fine without the Sony Protection Group.

Speaking of this so called "news"... I like how they use a % rather than actual quality titles... Can we all admit that this is pathetic? Seriously .. Sony Protection Group?

TnS3655d ago

I hope they have not cheated the statistics. :)

Kratosnake3655d ago

Actually, the source is, which is a very reliable rating site for ALOT of things... you should check it out.

Who doesn't believe that Sony is actually working hard on making great quality first/third party titles that are interesting and unique? They ARE trying.

SonyRules3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

Their own fan-boys make sony look pathetic. 14 Good PS3 games Vs. 52 good xbox 360 games,I did not know xbox was that much better, and they want to try and say Ps3 has more quality games because the percentage is slightly higher? Just plain retarded. The ps3 cost so much more to make the same game as it would on 360 is why you will see all kinds of little games from developers without a whole lot of money on the 360. For example the Burger King games. These may bring the percentage of quality 360 games down. And this phenomenon itself is enough to disregard percentages of quality games. Of course SOny fan boys are very desperate to jump on anything no matter how desperate it is. but it does not change the fact that 360 has by far the most quality games and all this article proves is that not ony does 360 have by far the most quality games but also the most developer support from smaller companies and that PS3 fan boys are grasping at straws. Was this article posted by an xbox fan to make sony fans look retarded? I never thought I would really feel sorry for sony only players but this is just sad.

You can disagree without commenting all you want because I know you have no inteligent retort worth my time to reply to anyway. Disagree with facts just further proves Sony only fans are pathetic as hell. Not that xbox only fans are much better. But sony is the one being backed into a corner and the desperation is showing.

TheMART3655d ago

hahahaahaaaa this is bull!!!


80% for PS3 games? Don't make me laugh. So many scored under that. THey mixed up the 360 games and the PS3 rates there

TnS3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

14/44 games rated over 80% that is 31%

52/188 games rated over 80% that is 27%

kingofps33655d ago

Poor MART :( You are in denial. lol

ShAkKa3655d ago

the easiest way to prove this is going to

techie3655d ago

Mart it's right. But it's not that impressive since there arent that many ps3 games released.

kewlkat0073655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

I can't see why others can't comperehend the same. Maybe in like 6 months to a year, but then again the 360 conntinues to pump out games. The easy tools and Support are a testement to that.

Sony's beast of a machine require extra man hours, not the best support, and a totally new way of programming non-traditionally.

SOny's Developers kits( $30,000)
MS developers kit(like $15,00)
Wii Developers kit($1200)

Why do you think smaller development houses rather Program for the 360 and Wii mainly right now"?, well them kits are basically free from Nintendo. You might have maybe 1, maybe 2 SDK from sony, for small firms.

It used to be 1 for each programmer. I met a lead animation developer ysterday at a friends BBQ, and I learned quite a lot about, how a PAIN it is, to work with NINTENDO, and the Cost of things.

MK_Red3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

Kool info. Thanks TnS for proof links. Wii has the largest percentage of crappy games and smallest share of good ones and yet its selling the most!! 360 is also doing great with the least amount of bad games.

DarkestHour003655d ago

This is comparing apples to oranges. MOST PS3 games are ports of good 360 games. It is to soon for a report like this to have credit.