PES10 Sales Triple on PS3 Than 360

Pro Evolution Soccer 10 has sold triple the amount of PS3 copies than 360 copies. The sales also edge out the likes of Uncharted 2 and Forza Motorsports.

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chrisulloa3330d ago

LOL have fun playing PES. Everyone who has a brain knows FIFA 10 is better.

PirateThom3330d ago

Which also sold more on PS3.


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HypnoticMonkey3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

That's really impressive considering there are more 360 owners than PS3 owners.

I hope this trend continues.

Hellsvacancy3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

But when a game like Borderlands or Beyonetta (im sick of hearin about that game) sells better on the 360 rather then the Ps3 the news reaches 700+ degrees and u gotta put up with comments like "hahahahaha the Ps3 sucks no1 buys games 4 it just bluray movies"

Not interested in Pro-Evo (or Fifa)

The Creep3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

call of duty MW2 triple on 360 than ps3


beardpapa3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

maybe there's a correlation here.....

PS owners aren't necessarily into FPS style games, but 360 owners are.

Just like how it seems 360 owners aren't really into JRPGs, but PS owners are well expecting them and enjoying some.

I'd reckon that a soccer sport game with such a global audience would definitely sell extremely well, especially on the PS platform, considering PES has been on the Sony platform for ages. Heck, it's an amazingly popular title in Asia and also lots of fans in Europe. My cousin just doesn't stop babbling on and on about PES2010, and how much he wants to challenge me barcelona vs liverpool. He picked up a PS3 today just FOR PES2010.

HypnoticMonkey3331d ago

I laughed at the disagree, either someone doesn't find it impressive or someone doesn't want the trend to continue...ah fanboys.

NeoCloud3331d ago

I Liked ProEvo2010 better then Fifa10, also ProEvo has always been a Playstation Game.

sikbeta3330d ago

"considering there are more 360 owners than PS3 owners" -> in USA

PES is associated as a Playstation game

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InLaLaLand3330d ago

Kutaragi's going to lay the smackdown on jabroni's candy a$$es :P But seriously I thought Fifa was more in demand compared to PES, yeah there are gamers who prefer PES over Fifa but a majority of gamers play and buy Fifa.

gaffyh3330d ago

@1.10 - No, Pro Evo has always been the more preferred series for Soccer fans. Fifa always does good numbers, but Pro Evo has a more cult following.

StanLee3330d ago

I'm surprised at the continued brand loyalty to PES. The franchise has been nothing but mediorce the last 3 entries in the franchise.

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Nathan Drake23331d ago


see what media did to you?you think that bayoneta x360 has sold more than ps3 version.probably because you saw an article "bayonetta x360 sell out?".the truth is:
PS3 version-93,000
x360 version-45,000

PoisonedTea3331d ago

As much as I love PES (I really, REALLY do), how the heck did it outsell Uncharted 2? Maybe the pertinent question is WHY did it sell more than Uncharted 2? People need to have a serious look at themselves. I wouldn't usually mind but imagine if PES2010 had actually been GOOD this year. I know us Europeans love football but do we love it more than one of the defining games of this generation? C'MON!

peeps3331d ago

because football games are the sort of games that people who don't usually game buy. last year at uni a mate of mine had a ps2 but the only game he bought was pro every year.

Consoldtobots3331d ago

PES 2010 is amazing!

I tried the demo and haven't stopped playing it since, it does EVERYTHING better than FIFA. In fact PES's HD graphics make FIFA 10 look like a last gen title. Not to mention it has ALWAYS had more fluid and responsive controls. This will be the real coming out party for PES on the playstation platform.

PoisonedTea3331d ago

I see what you're saying and the statistics DO back you up, but I buy PES every year (lately in hope more than anything else) and it's the only sports game I've ever bought in the last 6-7 years. My other purchases throughout the year are the top exclusives for the console I have, as well as any appealing multi-platform titles that I like the look of.

I'm baffled with people who only buy one game a year and that game is either FIFA or PES - they're missing out on so many other great games! It's their choice of course, but there comes a time when we must expand our horizons. As much as I've adored PES over the years, I'd go crazy if it's the only game I could play until the next PES is released the following year.

Redempteur3330d ago

Well football game in UK , france , spain , italy are BIG BIG franchises don't underestimate them ... it's not a surprise really ..
Madden would had no problem to outsell uncharted 2 in USA ...

Same here in europe ... but for "football"-"soc cer for us" ...

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