MH3 team planned on making "the most beautiful game on the Wii" from the very beginning

Monster Hunter 3 producer Ryozo Tsujimoto has discussed the significance of the graphics in his title and says that it features some of the best Wii graphics according to feedback from players.

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Valay3330d ago

Monster Hunter 3 certainly ranks up there as one of the best looking Wii games, especially from a third-party developer.

barom3330d ago

More beautiful than the PS3 version that was scrapped? I find that hard to believe.

Noctis Aftermath3330d ago

Seriously this is like patting yourself on the back for tying a swimming race to a guy with no legs.

LastDance3330d ago

That's wonderful!! .... I bet the 10 people who buy the game will really admire that.

Smacktard3330d ago

You guys sound pretty butthurt D:

erathaol3329d ago

I'm still more impressed with Mario Galaxy

EvilTwin3329d ago

Geez, can't we get through one thread without a "graphics wars" b.s. type of comment? Of course the game isn't going to look like something on the PS3. But it still looks very nice, just like SMG and Corruption look very nice.

And 10 people buying it, LD? You DO know that this game has already sold almost 1 million copies in Japan already, right? It's a pretty big success before even being released here in the U.S.

ThanatosDMC3329d ago

Looks good for a Wii game... but damn they sacrificed too many monsters for it. No elder dragons, no fatalis, no other bird wyverns, no other types of rathaloses, no monoblos, no gravios, no basarios, no gypceros, no etc.

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ReviewsArePolitics3330d ago

Is that supposed to impress anyone?

PinkUni3330d ago

the most average looking game overall

No FanS Land3330d ago

MH team planned on making the next MH on Wii to save production costs of the PS3 three years earlier.


ozstar3330d ago

This and Crystal Bearers

3sq3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

This and Crystal Bearers look like ass if compared to Resident Evil 0.

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The story is too old to be commented.