What games will we be playing on Halloween tonight?

NE writes: "As gamers on Halloween, many of us don't have plans and shan't do anything this evening other than do what we do every night: Play games. I'm joking of course, but what about those of us that really don't have plans tonight?"

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Valay3333d ago

Well, even though it's not Halloween related, I played Twilight Princess tonight.

Tex1173333d ago

I just finished up some Demon's Souls, and am checking here before I head out.

Damn, Demon's Souls is insane on Pure Black. But the souls are oh so sweet.

No FanS Land3333d ago

well maybe the game wasn't pure black. (to be pure black you need to look at the WT menu when you press start so check if you see a glowing black light) My game wasn't at pure black though I've slain a Primeval demon :P But yeah the game is insanely hard, I had to beat the flamelurker at almosy pure black WT.

NoBias3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

Street Fighter IV, here.

Johnny Rotten3333d ago

I'm playing Demons Souls, I just stopped by on my way to getting more booze!

oh ya I had two teenage kids come to my door looking for candy, the funny thing is they didn't knock, didn't say trick or treat, and the one had a cell phone to her ear the whole time. wtf?

sure enough I was opening up the chocolate bar wrappers and filling them up with cat food! lol

DRUDOG3333d ago

Demon's Souls if this baseball game ever ends...

With the areas turning black it's almost like a double XP weekend on CoD. I was getting my ass kicked earlier by stuff that I usually breeze through.

Jaces3333d ago

Demons Souls.

It is incredibly hard now. The double XP (souls) is awesome...if I didn't keep dying before I could get them back to the Nexus to spend. I've lost at least 350,000 souls.

I am ashamed and utterly destroyed mentally.

No FanS Land3333d ago

well if you manage to get back to the place where you died you can reclaim all those souls unless you died another time before touching your own blood

Jaces3333d ago

No, I died again after I lost my souls.

I was getting impatient and annoyed so I rushed things which in turn killed me. I did manage to get some 1 million souls before it ended....unless it's still going on..?

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Mista T3333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

Mr T was playin COD4 at a Chuck Norris's house, we were playin the PS3 version by da way

then I played COD4 out in the backyard wit him, it was all good

RayRay363333d ago

Probably Uncharted 1. Havent beat it since 07 and forget alot. Then after I get tired of dieing too many times, Ill hop on Uncharted 2. You seem to die ALOT faster in the first one.

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