2012 Apocalypse

With the ancient Mayan calendar ending in 2012, the world's population must struggle to survive the apocalypse. Save mankind from extinction by controlling the forces of nature! Follow the 2012 story as you navigate an earthquake, tornado, firestorm and hurricane through a maze of city streets. Dodge buildings, master a strengthening, unwieldy storm, collect lore items, and make your way through the labyrinth before it's too late. Also choose Rampage mode and obliterate the city yourself. Pick the storm with the most appropriate destructive ability and blast through the streets without restriction, causing as much damage as possible in an anything-goes free-for-all!

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komp3333d ago

HAHA. And so it begins..

Winter47th3333d ago

Better save on some of'em Twinkies then *pumps shotgun*

CaptainMarvelQ83333d ago

this is $hit
stop all "the world is gonna end in 2012" BS
teh world iz DoooooooooooooooooMzzz
teh Ps3 Is DoooooooooMED

EpicGamerSwordsman3333d ago

Did this get approved. its not even related to Gaming.

madman323953333d ago (Edited 3333d ago )

epicswordsman: its a cellular/mobile game

Dellis3333d ago

The world will not end it will go to a new level of mind, when people wake up that morning or witness the year come in, their minds will flip into a new way of thinking.

toaster3333d ago

Well hopefully people will think "Hey, they predicted 2012 and nothing's happened yet, maybe I shouldn't believe in this sh*t anymore."

They'll do the world a favor.

bjornbear3333d ago

I find it hilarious how humans can make a videogame about their supposed impending doom xD!! AWSUM!

I'm so going to rent this and finish it on the 12.12.2012 xD

creeping judas3333d ago

NAH, thats too boring!!

I'll rent it 12/13/2012

madman323953333d ago

judas its not going to be rentable its allready for download just follow the story link

creeping judas3333d ago

Fine I'll finish it on 12/13/2012, better?

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