The Best PS3 RPGs Available Right Now

It's the end of October 2009 and above all else for RPG fans Final Fantasy XIII looms on the horizon with the anticipation for that title eclipsing even some of the AAA titles of this holiday period making the wait agonizing for many.

Have no fear, though! RPGSite have rounded up our list of the very best PS3 RPGs that are on the market right now so you can go and pick one up to help tide you over. If nothing else, this is hard proof that the myth about the PS3 having no RPGs is just that - a myth.

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y4cub3330d ago

i read the full article of this on but seeing as i dont have an account on that said site, i shall comment here. okay, so here is my two cents: i think you chose the top 5 very well. ) i have played, beaten, and currently own demon souls. it is an all around amazing games. though a handful of things in the game could be worked on, the overall gameplay puts other RPG's to shame (with the exception of final fantasy franchise) i my self find demon's souls to the the absolute hardest RPG title i've ever played. but, any core RPG gamer will tell you a difficulty and challenge level at near impossibles of completion is far better than the easy stuff. therefore demon souls is this particular gamers favorite =]
i unfortunatly havnt played any others but trust trust chose well. thanks for reading

raztad3330d ago

Given you already beaten Demons Souls you absolutely need to play Valkyrias Chronicles now. It's a Tactic RPG, with a very good story and awesome gameplay.

Raf1k13330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

I too recommend Valkyria Chronicles.

edit: It's a shame the game doesn't have multiplayer as the strategic nature of the game would be perfect for playing against other people.

WildArmed3330d ago

I loved DS.. and would place is head to head with VC.
Both are legendary RPGs of this geN :)

Saaking3330d ago

The PS3 has the best RPGs this gen.

blusoops3330d ago

I simply love Valkyria Chronicles!!! Any fan of rpg's should give this game a shot....there's a demo on PSN, but the game is awesome!!
Haven't tried DS yet

Alvadr3330d ago

Where the F is Fallout

JoySticksFTW3330d ago

That's a shaky statement to make. I didn't say untrue; it's just not a slam dunk...

360 has Mass Effect, Lost Odyssey, and Infinite Undiscovery as front-runners. Those are some great games. I also played Blue Dragon but it got way kiddie.

For PS3 I've personally played VC (it's amazing!!) and I STILL haven't been able to put Demon's Souls down to play through Uncharted 2 yet. No Joke...

The first Uncharted and MGS4 were my two favorite games this generation so far. I preordered Uncharted 2 from Gamespot to get the Revenge perk, so I had the game Day One. And I can't put Demon's Souls down to beat UC2. Was gonna do it this weekend, but DS announced their special in-game event for Halloween (all Black WT) and there went UC2's chances.

Now if 360 keeps beta-testing "exclusive" RPG's that eventually get ported over to PS3, then PS3 will be the top RPG console

And that's not even counting the MMORPG's that are still on schedule for PS3, but seem to be faltering on 360.

sikbeta3330d ago

All of you guys are forgeting about X Edge (lol?)

DS and VC are Really Awesome

vhero3329d ago

lame list they are not all real rpgs but RPG variations like borderlands. It has RPG elements but its by far an RPG!

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AP3330d ago

Oblivion over Fallout, eh? Hmm.

swiftshot933330d ago

Fallout 3 is better than Oblivion, IMO.

Saaking3330d ago

I do prefer Fallout 3. My main problem with Oblivion is the leveling system, but I can see how most people would like Oblivion better. After playing both, Fallout 3 is kinda like Oblivion with guns.

The XBOT3330d ago

What platform do you use for fallout? Dont tell me PS3, PC is the greatest, I have heard you say you have a PC, what specs do you have? no lying eh ;)

kraze073330d ago

Oblivion >>> Fallout 3 IMAO

Alvadr3330d ago

Oblivion is great but no trophies :(((

bjornbear3330d ago

I'd say they both stand hand in hand. One is old school fantasy and the other is quasi-sci-fi. I don't compare them, one is guns the other is swords and magic.

I love them both and just think that FO3 should have been on that list.

xLordOblivionx3329d ago

I loved Oblivion, but could never get into Fallout 3, stopped about 6 hours in.

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densai3330d ago

lol @ all xbox fans who said there were no rpgs for ps3. shame all the xbox exclusive ones suck like lost odyssey. lol

no demons souls for xbots.

AP3330d ago

True enough, there are a lot of good rpgs on xbox too, though. The winner owns both consoles.

densai3330d ago

the winner doesnt own a wii, lol

lost odyssey does suck tho


you guys never even played lost odyssey, you're just going by the ratings it got.

densai3330d ago

sakaguchi is a tired old dev who trots out the same crap every time just like square. lost odyssey was tired and old and boring like ff. ill take my PS3 EXCLUSIVE INNOVATIVE RPGS like demosns souls and valkyria over those thx.

AP3330d ago

There are still some Innovative RPGs on the 360, y'know.

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y4cub3330d ago

thanks for the suggestion ill definetly look into valkyria chron. and i say fallout over oblivion. oblivion is good. but its no fallout

y4cub3330d ago

sky i would agree with you but ive never play vc. but from all the hype i definetly want to agree with you =]

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