Modern Warfare 2 and Six Days to Fallujah - how far is too far?

Dustin @ Ps3Center writes:
The majority of games published each year revolve around violence, with dozens of shooters hitting the market each month. However no one, outside of maybe Jack Thompson, has had a problem with it - until now. Has the recent acts of Call of Duty and Six Days to Fallujah taken it too far?

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Saaking3334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

It's a game. You don't want to play it, then don't, but don't ruin it for the rest of us. GET OVER IT.

There's been tons of movies about 9/11, about the airplanes, about war. Why should games be treated so differently?

gaffyh3334d ago

I think the main issue with this game is Fallujah had a lot of problems. Many casualties on the US side, and many war crimes and human rights abuses to the Iraqi civilians.

drdistracto7073333d ago

So GTA isnt too far?

people are hypocrites

PS: in defense of the Fallujha game. We can play in the vietnam war, WWI, and WWII, but not a six day shootout in the middle east?

once again, people are hypocrites

LukaX233333d ago

I think it also has to do with the game's success. For example, GTA was always a very popular franchise and the media has been after Rockstar for years. If this game ends up sucking (which I hope it doesn't), then no one will care.

Bazookajoe_833334d ago

As long as it´s rated proparly.

kaveti66163334d ago

Well, a guy today on N4G reacted a certain way to another person's post. This person had written that we should compare these pics with real photos of a terrorist attack that happened in Iraq a week ago. Long story short, just because you like the way violence is portrayed in video games doesn't mean that you're a violent person or enjoy violence in real life. I like the blood and the realism because it makes for a more gripping and entertaining experience. But I don't want this kind of stuff happening in real life.

neonlight453334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

The articles says that "Movies and TV shows are filled with gun fights and blood spattering everywhere; the intense visual effects of explosions are non-stop in our entertainment lives." and nobody saying anything.
But when a game has that journalists start running their mouths.

sam22363333d ago

Should've been "Modern Warfare 2 and Six Days to Fallujah - how retarded is too retarded?"

People need to chill the hell out. They're just games for Christ's sake! Why aren't people b!tching about GTA or something?

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