Dedicated Dilemma: Why PC Gamers Hate Modern Warfare 2

Infinity Ward is seeing backlash due to their decision to forgo using dedicated servers for the PC version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Here's why gamers are pissed.

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Bloodshedder3331d ago

im waiting for the pc leak:D

Elvfam5113331d ago

They don't put some type of virus in it

Saaking3331d ago

PC and PS3 owners don't settle for low quality like others. We demand we get what we pay for (and we pay a lot for our games).

dirthurts3331d ago

Pc games and PS3 games seem to be cheaper than the 360 version...
but yeah. I'm not buying this one, on any console.
Screw them for screwing us.

snipermk03331d ago

Please resist this once and give IW the finger. We are the ones paying them! We are the ones putting food on their tables and a roof above their heads and they should treat us with the respect we deserve!

DRUDOG3331d ago

Prob wait for a used copy for PS3. Dedicated servers don't really affect me much (although it does suck for PC gamers), but I've got way too much to play right now and I haven't even grabbed R&C yet. Dragon Origins looks like must buy for me not to mention AC2...

ambientFLIER3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

They don't put some type of virus in it "

Hopefully they do.

Saaking, who is "we"? You have an xbox...

TotalPS3Fanboy3331d ago

It's not a question of why PC gamers hate MW2. It's a question of why MW2 hate PC gamers.

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playstation1233331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

Who cares about pc gamers,pc gaming is dead.Just get a ps3 there

Saaking3331d ago

PC+PS3 FTW. No failbox needed.

CernaML3331d ago

Ignorance is bliss.

You're not getting any full experience if you own only a PS3. As Saaking said, PS3 + PC FTW.

ambientFLIER3331d ago

...just like you're not getting a full experience with only a PC and need the 360 and the Wii in there.

bigrudowsky3331d ago

What are you talking about ps3 owners dont settle for low quality like others.. Cod 4 had the same peer to peer matchmaking as the xbox version and it sold better than killzone and [email protected]
xbox and ps3 games are the same price.

ps3ftwin3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

true ps3 & xbox games are 75usd where i am at.

pc games still cost between 35-49usd.

console gaming just is expensive.

its reason why i get all my mulitplats on the pc.

now ps3 exclusives thats what i wont mind paying for at launch even if its 75usd for games like uc2.

CrippleH3331d ago

The reason why look at all the low quality ports getting bashed because it's not up to par because it's a port. It's getting bash by PS3 owners more then 360 owners bashing the PS3 version.

playstation1233331d ago

"Flame shield on" What good is a pc? You gotta get a new pc and graphics cards like once every year. Nobody wants to do that that's why they purchase a ps3,360, or wii for that.

CernaML3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

If you are that much of a money waster then yeah, go spend thousands on unnecessary parts for your PC every year. All I did was upgrade my graphics card on my 2 year old PC and I'm pretty sure it will last me for quite a few years considering it already spits on anything that the consoles offers graphically. Games running at 1080p with 60FPS and 16xAA seems like a gigantic leap over consoles. Why must so many console games run in sub HD resolutions, can barely handle 30FPS and screen tear so damn much?

People who blurt out ridiculous claims such as "lolol you need to upgrade your pc every year lolol" are morons who have probably never even switched hard drives. People who know absolutely nothing about PC hardware.

Build your own PC. It's cheaper and will last you for a long, long time.

Elvfam5113331d ago

if you upgrade your pc every year then you wasting your money

I still have Nvidia 8600gt ima just upgrade my CPU thats it for another 2 years

champ213331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )


you obviously have no clue about pc gaming.

while i agree ps3 has some good exclusives.

multiplats are just better on the pc, while gaming on a pc can be much cheaper and superior to a console.

the extra price you pay per game on a console more then makes a console much more expensive then a pc.

my older rig has a 8800gtx in it, i made it when then ps3 launched @ 600usd... the rig cost me 800usd at that time.

even today it will handily outperform the ps3 or the 360 in any multiplat game. while the ps3 or 360 will be playing the game at 600p, my older rig will play at 1080p everything maxed out close to 45-60fps.. not bad for a 2 yr old rig. Plus its more then made up its cost due to games being cheaper on it.

lastly the 2yr old rig really does everything from burning my music cds to editing videos, web browsing, work yada yada.

not to dish the ps3 its got awesome exclusives but it possibly cant do everything a pc can.

bigrudowsky3331d ago

i dont mind disagrees when they have a good reason behind them.. Cany any of you two explain why you disagreed.

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