Ninja Gaiden Sigma 'Burning Village

More awesome footage from NGS. This comes from a section of the game first shown in the original trailer, but goes on to includes actual gameplay of the ensuing boss battle only hinted at previously, check it out!

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techie4219d ago (Edited 4219d ago )

kool:P Can't watch anymore...

sumfood4u4219d ago

Fire is awsum to watch, even when it's dangerous!

Asylumchild4219d ago

Hmmm can anyone tell me how you can use your special move like with the fire. The demo tells you you can use it but it never tells you how I think the demo is good but dose a terrible job teaching you how to play. P.S. Is anyone having problems with connecting online through a router after the last update because I am :(

toniez74219d ago

No; I haven't had any problems, try turning off the router's firewall or do an ip pass through.

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