Why You Should Be Playing Siren: Blood Curse This Hallowe'en

PushSquare: "I'm confident saying Siren: Blood Curse is one of the scariest games I've played. Fear, like humour, is something video games have difficulty trying to portray. But Siren did it, making you feel vulnerable at every stage of the game."

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WildArmed3333d ago

I wonder if Sony will do or already did a price drop on this for halloween

Chubear3333d ago

Yes. It's $29.99 now. Down from 39.99. I', thinking I'll bite the bullet and get it via DL since I can't find it on disc in NA. It's supposedly 10gigs for all the episodes so I guess I'll be putting my 160gigs to the test XD

This an Demon Souls feel suiting for this day.

WildArmed3333d ago

yeah, I've been playing around in DS with pure black worlds.. soo fun :)
hmm I might just shell out 40 bucks for it :)

calis3333d ago

Siren: Blood Curse is a very good game. The atmosphere is great.

Stationfan3333d ago

I have the disk version I enjoyed finishing it, I just wish it would have trophies for replayability, since it challenges you to play it without sight jacking.