THQ Smackdown vs Raw 2010 Launch Party Rumble

OXCGN attends the Smackdown Vs Raw Launch Party:

"...Our good friends over at THQ decided to throw a little costume launch event to celebrate not only the release of the game, but also allow us to appreciate it, for the latest in the franchise finally rises above the rest and shows it can still perform.

On a warm Wednesday night competition winners from the Gamespot and PALGN forums ate and drank with fellow staff from THQ's PR as well as various website writers from IGN AU and Gamespot AU and of course OXCGN."

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gaminoz3334d ago

Wow a dress-up...just before Halloween! Perfect! Looks like it was fun. Did anyone get too much into character and try to jump on someone else?

XboxOZ3603334d ago

Well the Summo guy was kinda friendly, and there were a few tussles in the ring, friendly ones of course.

But these nights are a heap of fun, andit's amazing how all the different publications get on together, unlike other media groups which seem to stick to their own little groups.

So it's nice to see and be at these things.

cornfedgamer3334d ago

Wow, that looks like it was a lot of fun

XboxOZ3603333d ago

It was actually, and while wrestling is not my bag, it's still a fun thing to participate in, and the games not that bad, even if it isn't real.

Although, seeing the various scares and cuts they often get, I'd say some of it certainly is.

Godem3334d ago

Looks like fun, but im not really interested in the game since wrestling is fake