Horror movies that would make great games

Incestuous. That's the best way to explain the ongoing relationship between horror films and games. First games stole from films in early licenses like Halloween and Texas Chainsaw Massacre, then horror films stole from games, most obviously in the 'works' of Uwe Boll like House of the Dead and BloodRayne.

There's been some great bastard babies from this sick union: Resident Evil 4, Dead Rising, Silent Hill 2, Dead Space, Fatal Frame, Siren and Doom 3 all represented the horror genre with aplomb. But Gamesradar wants more. More specifically they want to rape their favourite horror films of everything they've got so they can play the best bits that have never been done properly in games. This is their list...

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Hellsvacancy3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

Zombie Flesh Eaters is my ALL time favorite horror movie ive always said they should remake it or turn it in2 a game (the whole scene was filmed usin a real shark, no fake spielberg rubbish hear)

And how the hell could they miss Evil Dead off the list?