FFXIV in France and China(?)

The hours are ticking down until doors open at the Micromania game show in France. Square Enix has opened an additional site about the event on their European homepage. It includes a message saying that people will be able to register for information regarding beta testing for FFXIV. This is similar to what they offered at Tokyo Game Show, encouraging people to sign up online for the newsletter to receive additional information when it comes available.

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FAT MAN GO BOOM3332d ago

Looking so forward to this game and learning more about it...
Getting it for the PS3 since I have a mac...

Myst3332d ago

Signed up for that newsletter the moment I heard about it giving away the chance to partake of the beta, still waiting on that. Honestly I don't like waiting for games and this is one game I really don't want to wait for, but I suppose good things come to those who wait.

FAT MAN GO BOOM3332d ago

Good things do come to those that wait....

It is looking very strong and they are bringing a lot to this game... it is going to be a big step over FFXI

Myst3332d ago

A huge step over FFXI if they really are serious about the playability factor. Allowing those who don't have a lot of time to get things done versus XI and it's system.