New Modern Warfare 2 video(Grenade Spam)

A new video posted on Infinity ward channel, talking about grenade spam.

Update: Article is here

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Gostosa3272d ago

Silenced Snipers and new camo. I like.

This new "kill-cam" or whatever it is, looks awesome aswell.

villevalorox3272d ago

so.... If IW thinks it's for pussies then why have it in the game? :( no one likes it.. or am i missing something?

LukaX233272d ago

I LOVE Infinity Ward for this!

Delta3272d ago

Nades are okay to have but i think it should take up a perk to have them or something.

LukaX233272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

I'm getting disagrees because IW introduced a pretty sweet feature to MW2?

Edit: Ohhhh I get it! The people disagreeing are the actual N00BS who DO grenade spam in CoD. I get, it's okay if you suck, you can always use the new Deathstreak feature in MW2 and still suck. :-)

Bubble Buddy3272d ago

is that symbol on the bottom of the killcam what i think it is? :)

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playstation1233272d ago

Yeah it looks awesome, I think its snow camo. BFBC2 and MW2 are gonna be insane.

3272d ago
Boris Grishenko3272d ago

I will survive grenade spam, because...

I am Invincible!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.