Neocrisis: Halo: Reach vs Resistance 3

EPiC FUiL from Neocrisis writes: Gears of War 2, Halo 3, Forza Motorsport 3... Killzone 2, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Resistance 2... These six games all have something in common; they're console exclusives. They have proven that they sell very well in their own way, ranging from 2 million sales on day one, to around 10 million in a few months. These six games are also sequels or prequels from previous well-known games to the gaming community.

What makes these exclusives any better than other exclusives or multiplatform games? What differentiates an exclusive game on one console to another? How does an exclusive gain so much hype and sell so well at launch? The answers to these three questions vary from fanboy to fanboy, usually being "because it has better graphics", or "because Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 is the best" (also, these things are commonly said by these fanboys even before a game is released).

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LordMarius3331d ago

umm hard to choose since we dont know anything about them

Bnet3433331d ago

Certain groups will choose anyway.

QuackPot3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

But we do know what the developers are capable of doing.

If R3 is not fully revamped by going 'Modern Warfare' with fully usable vehicles, new appealing characters(goodies & baddies), have a slick presentation and narration then Halo:Reach will be the better game by a mile.

I'm sick of the Halo-haters not wanting this game on the Ps3. It's a huge success because Bungie got everything so right and delivered an appealing and fun game to play - just like Epic also did with Gears of War & IW did with Cod4:MW.

Reistance had - and still has - so much potential but Insomniac wanted to be different and DID NOT COPY Halo, Gears, or CoD4 - which they should have by taking the best things and improving on them.

Halo:Reach will be Bungie's swansong - the last Halo game. Odds are, they are going to do something awesome with the franchise. My money is on Halo:Reach being the must-have game to get unless Insomniac has a huge surprise. But based on R2 vs R1. I'm not holding my breath.

JonnyBadfinger3331d ago


But if history teaches us anything, its Halo will be more hyped to the point it exceeds peoples expectations but seem to lack something that the first Halo CE had.

Im a self confessed Halo nerd and proud of it, but Halo 2 3 and ODST all seem to be missing something that Halo CE had.....i reckon that because not the enemies are nothing new and we all know the weaknesses it just lacks the same fear and panic attacks that Halo CE had.

Anyone remember fighting a Hunter for the first time??.... i died about 10 times before i killed 1!...... and they come in PAIRS DAMIT! but once i learnt their weakness it was so incredibly easy and the other Halo games are yet to implement a challenge like that again, well atleast for me anyway.

mikeslemonade3331d ago

Resistance 3 will be a better game. Halo Reach will sell more. Insomniac is just a way better developer and more experienced. They have been making games longer and are able to put out huge games every year.

QuackPot3331d ago


Yeah, there'll be a lot of hype and Bungie clearly could have done better with the sequels. I'm sure they just don't like M$ who now own Halo.

But even so, this is their last Halo. They will go out with a bang for sure.

And frack yeah, Hunters rock in Halo. Just loved playing the Arbiter with dem giant MotherF* on your side.

BTW: doesn't Sony own Resistance. Hmmmmm? I wonder if Insomniac has as much love for this game as they clearly do with R&C.

ABizzel13331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

There are a ton of things I have listed that they can do to make R3 the best it can be, but here is a quick version of the 5 pages I wrote after playing R2 last year.

Campaign should be with Nathan Hale (I want to finish the story with him). Set in present day, and the humans have lost the war. Hale is making his final stand for humanity, before he changes completely. I think Hale should die at the end, and the humans gain the courage to fight back after Hale severely weakens their defense using his ability to understand the Chimera. Bring the Weapon Wheel back, all the old enemies plus new enemies, and all the old weapons plus new weapons and if some of the weapons don't fit in the present day setting upgrade them to present day versions. And if at all add 4 player online co-op for the single player, and at least 2 player split screen. Oh and add a little fearful moments in the game like the Grims in the houses from R2 to startle us every now and then.

Single Player campaign- Resistance:FOM meets Halo meets Killzone 2

Separate co-op should be pretty much the same it was in R2, maybe 12 players instead of 8 this time. Add better animations, because characters were kind of stiff in R2, and don't have everything so predictable, you knew exactly what was going to happen, get and AI director like Left 4 Dead.

Online Co-op- R2 meets Left 4 Dead

Online Multiplayer is probably going to be 80 - 120 players which is fine having the big numbers and all, but MAG is 256 which isn't going to be beat by R3. I think you should keep the 60 player, but add vehicles (stalkers, tanks, jeeps, chimeran ships, etc...) and balance everything better. Both Halo and Warhawk have vehicles and both games are almost perfectly balances still, so you can do it too Insomnaic.

Online Multiplayer- R2 meets Warhawk meets Halo

I think those things would make R3 a near perfect game and review on par with the like of Uncharted 2.

Oh and R3 should look like Metro 2033. Look at the last 2 screens.

ABizzel13331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

Now Halo Reach. I could have sworn I heard Bungie was using a new engine for Halo Reach, and if so I just hope they do more with Halo. It's starting to get stale. And even though I'm not the biggest Halo fan, I think the gameplay is as close to perfect as you can be, so they just need to do more with the story, the stages, and add more wow moments. It's hard trying to help a game that's kind of in it's own world.

Single player- Have a story that rivals film with better graphics and boom this game is going to get a majority of 10/10's when it hits. Since just about every other aspect of Halo doesn't need touching.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

Halo 3 and Resistance 2 were both HUGE disappointments to me so hopefully Reach and R3 redeem their respective franchises.

I've never been a big Halo fan but I expected evolutionary things from Halo 3. I'm only interested in Reach if it brings something radically new to the series.

Resistance: Fall of Man is still my favorite game of all time! I had so many magical experiences on that game! R2 was mediocre IMO. R2's co-op was great but campaign was only OK and multiplayer SUCKED! R2 strayed to far away from what made R: FoM so good like the weapon wheel, nonstop action, split-screen co-op, unique health system and other original features. I could go on and on about my disappointment in R2 but other Resistance fans have the same feelings so they already know what I'd say.

In short: I'm looking forward to the inevitable Resistance 3 WAY more than Halo Reach. R3 will definitely be made; R2's ending cannot be the ending of the series.

sikbeta3331d ago


Resistance 3? where?

PtRoLLFacE3330d ago

let me guess the king will be whipping as$ again

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Sevir043331d ago

Halo reach will Sell bucket Loads Because it's Halo, Halo reach will look better than the other halo games because it Sports a new engine.
And it'll Likely be the victim of biased reviews scoring it high just because it's halo,

Resistance 3.. well We know it's in dev. :) and... thats all i'll say :)

jazzking20013331d ago

since i dont got a 360, i will want R3 lol
and now i will get asked to go to hell by saying that lol

Sevir043331d ago


SnuggleBandit3331d ago

sevir just tell us what you saw or shut your face! haha stop teasing us!

ultimolu3331d ago

..I'm kidnapping you and holding you hostage until you spill the beans! >-<

tripewire3331d ago

Did someone get a sneak peek?

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003331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

when there is no info about them. (besides being exclusive)

jazzking20013331d ago

an educated guess from its predecessors

maxxb1173331d ago

By gathering info from the previous games in the series and making speculations.

003331d ago

that speculation can be completely wrong.

maxxb1173331d ago

Yes, I agree, but as I've stated in the article, I wrote this only for entertainment purposes, not real competition.

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WMW3331d ago

i bet R3 will be the better game just looking at the devs and what they have done this gen but halo reach will get all the hype and make it seem better than it is like odst did.

evrfighter3331d ago

right because R2 wasn't considered a failure by its own fans right?

WMW3331d ago

halo 3 and halo 3 odst are considered the worst halos by its fans and the media so whats your point its sad that the best halo is the first one shouldn't the franchise be moving forward the first halo came out last gen step it up bungie.

kaveti66163331d ago

Halo 3 is not considered the worst by the media. It's multiplayer is considered the best, although I like Halo 2's multiplayer more. The only blight upon the halo franchise is the Halo 3 campaign and ODST. Other than that, the multiplayers are great and the campaign for Halo CE and Halo 2 were great.

Darkfocus3331d ago

"right because R2 wasn't considered a failure by its own fans right?"

The reason R2 got criticism from its fans was for being to much like halo 8/

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Godmars2903331d ago

We know that PS3 titles have shown and been recognized for graphic quality, where as a 360 title has yet to set any benchmarks for this console generation.

In other words: Flame wars go!

Sevir043331d ago

and then The PS3 a year Later Obliterated it With Uncharted and then what follows was a snow ball effect with more games after games on the PS3(exclusives) and even a few multiplats like Batman:AA, RE5, and GB. showing out the xbox 360 exclusives.. and now we've got games like U2, KZ2, Soon to be GOW3, HR, TLG, and GT5 all showing up next year and they will each be setting new benchmarks for other games to try and match.

Jack Klugman3331d ago

Gears of War set a benchmark and has spawned clones galore. Look at Quantum Theory for a perfect example of the wannabe's the playstation is still trying to put out to match the great experience Gears is.

Resistance.. well.. one of the worst FPS this gen. I don't expect much more from R3 and it sounds like even Insomniac know they are lacking when it comes to FPS. They are good at rehashing the same thing over and over, just look at R1 to R2 and the same 'ol Ratchet and Clank games. They hoped boosting the player count would distract people from mediocre game play.. MAG looks to be headed down the same path.

I expect Halo to step it's game up big time. A whole new engine, which MS off the record is claiming big things about it. The team they have put together to design it(even some former Uncharted team members). I expect Reach to hand Resistance the same whooping both R1 and R2 received when compared to the shooters on the 360 at the time of release.

Obama3331d ago

"Gears of War set a benchmark"

That benchmark has been surpassed by ps3 games ages ago.

The best looking game on the 360 is still Gears of War 1/2. That means something doesn't it?

Godmars2903331d ago

Any chance you can say *what* benchmark Gears set. No ones talking about its graphics certainly. Except in relation of differences between Gears 1 & 2. Quantum at least promises shifting terrain.

hatchimatchi3331d ago

"...They are good at rehashing the same thing over and over, just look at R1 to R2 and the same 'ol Ratchet and Clank games..."

hmmm, it goes both ways my friend...

halo wars
halo odst
halo reach

Halo3 MLG Pro3331d ago

Graphic quality??? Well that would of worked for Uncharted 2 but not for Resistance 2. Resistance 2 graphic's graphics weren't even as good as Halo 3. I read a few reviews saying that Halo 2 looked better than Resistance 2.


Halo Wars is not a FPS. R&C is just the same platformer over and over.

Jack Klugman3331d ago

Hatchi Halo Wars is an RTS.. Fail on that.

But I agree Halo is the signature franchise for MS and the 360 so you see lots of games.. I don't even want to get started on Metal Gear or Final Fantasy..

No Playstation fan has ground to stand on when talking about milking franchises.

WMW3331d ago

both of those franchises have been on multiple platforms and both are 20 year old franchise halo started last gen and already has 6 games, over 20 books(including novels, comic ,art books and halo encyclopedias), clothes, toys, its own place on LIVE(halo waypoint), an anime and ms created a studio to make more halo games without bungie so don't compare halo to mgs or final fantasy.

Godmars2903331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

I'm saying that *no one* is talking about Gears in terms of setting a graphic benchmark just like *no one* talks about Resistance. Halo for that matter.

Honestly, is there any chance we can talk about the possibilities of the systems themselves without talking down specific games on the other system?

I'm looking at you Klugman. At least try and acknowledge that Resistance has a group of people who like the game just like Halo and Gears.

ReviewsArePolitics3331d ago

Halo 3 better looking than R2? LMAO, Halo 3 gets raped even by the first one. Halo 3 looks like a Xbox 1.5 game (or a 360 game, same thing). Also LOL at Resistance being labeled as "one of the worst FPS" lol lol lol, that is expected from a 360 fangirl, anything new you want to add? Please never have kids, your genes would contaminate the gene pool to the point of taking us 10000 years of evolution behind

Jack Klugman3331d ago

Godmars: Touche. I can totally respect that Resistance has a following and I have to give props to Insomniac because they are a very capable developer. I'm expressing MY opinion only about the franchise but it comes off like I am trying to speak for everyone so my apologies.

likedamaster3331d ago

No need to apologize Jack, you hit the nail on the head a couple o'times.

ReviewsArePolitics3331d ago

This idiot labeled a great game "one of the worst FPS of this gen" and is also a known fanboy (also, lol @ expressing that Halo "will up its game" based on feelings and no facts) and yet he is given credit? N4G has reached a new low.

Sevir043331d ago

NAW! GEARs OF WAR Set The benchmark
and then The PS3 a year Later Obliterated it With Uncharted and then what follows was a snow ball effect with more games after games on the PS3(exclusives) and even a few multiplats like Batman:AA, RE5, and GB. showing out the xbox 360 exclusives.. and now we've got games like U2, KZ2, Soon to be GOW3, HR, TLG, and GT5 all showing up next year and they will each be setting new benchmarks for other games to try and match.


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