How Does It Feel Michrosoft!?

Loot Ninja writes:

Today on the Xbox Live Marketplace, Microsoft released the University Collection, a plethora of Avatar goodies for you to purchase. The new collection features a substantial list of collegiate teams from all over the US with various items of clothing adorned with the school logo or name. Don't worry though, this stuff is officially licensed so all of the items have the school's official name and colors. I went online to purchase a few items I wanted from my school and ran across a small bug on Microsoft's part. The one thing I noticed? Lack of spellcheck on one item for a particular school. It just so happened to be MY favorite school. Arkansas.

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McCullster3329d ago

This error has been there all day today, I just found it while checking my stuff on my big TV at home instead of my small work monitor where I bought the stuff online.

HolyOrangeCows3329d ago

Go Arkanasas Razorbackacks!

bruddahmanmatt3329d ago

Considering Microsoft is incapable of releasing a console that doesn't implode after a year did you really expect their QA team to get the little things right?

Sheikh Yerbouti3329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

for grad school, and that is too funny. I'd buy it just for that!!!

SuicidalTendencies3329d ago

That's what he gets for wasting money on useless Avatar crap.

Bnet3433329d ago

Agreed. Glad he got f*cked over. If you buy that crap, you deserve bad things to happen to you.

Feral Gamer3329d ago

Same can be said about Home stuff (as I am a PS3 owner)

HypnoticMonkey3329d ago


True but I haven't seen anything in Home with this kind of mistake.

ThanatosDMC3329d ago

Home is jack full of zombies right now.

TheGameFoxJTV3329d ago

True. Avatars, Home people, and Miis are the most useless things to come out of this Generation of consoles.

Redempteur3329d ago

Well as a proud home owner i did not bought anything from home i can laugh all i want at this ...

(everything i got was from events ) but i respect those who bought anything fro home .. it 'nt my style ...

Sarcasm3329d ago

"True. Avatars, Home people, and Miis are the most useless things to come out of this Generation of consoles. "

And DLC... God I hate DLC...

But Downloadable games is a big win though. Nothing like dropping $5-$15 on a downloadable game that can be played for hours. Now that's value.

ThanatosDMC3329d ago

I agree, i hate DLCs that should have been on the disk day one of the release.

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foreverflame3329d ago

How does it feel being in last place with last gen graphics ps3 fanfu(kz

Elvfam5113329d ago

Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed

Boris Grishenko3329d ago

go suck on your mommy's knockers for your xbl fee for a last gen console

Because Boris is INVINCIBLE!!!

TheTeam063329d ago (Edited 3329d ago )

wtf? The PS3 has nothing to do with this..

For all you know, this could be written by a Nintendo or PC fanboy. A little paranoid, aren't we?

xoxideu3329d ago

. tell m$ to be more gentle next time

3329d ago
Biggunz3329d ago

go change a disk...LOL DVD.

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N4Gmodsaredouches3329d ago

Microsoft didn't get the license for it?


Sarcasm3329d ago

lol the good ol' loophole.

NewScratch3329d ago

consider me a bookmarkee...

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