The Most Overhyped & Disappointing Games This Gen

VGSensation writes: "I'm going to list here, the most awfully disappointing and over-hyped games this generation. It isn't a hard list to write, and you all probably have your own game to add on here too. Tell me what you agree/disagree with over on our forums. Now lets get started with a more than obvious one!"

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VenerableBmoney3336d ago

Lol @ FarCry 2. I really enjoyed that game, but you're absolutely right- driving and map reading was the most poorly implemented feature in the game. I crashed so many times!

NecrumSlavery3335d ago

yeah. I appreciate the developers intent, but the game had a lot of issues. my personally biggest one was that the enemies always knew where you were when you made contact. i shot a guys car with a sniper rifle laying in a bush on hilltop over a mile away. he stopped, turned around, and drove for ten minutes towards me. got out and start shooting me intantly. i was like wtf? how could he even see me. other than that and driving and map reading the game was solid though. oh the respawning of enemies at secured checkpoints and safehouses was a bit of bullshizz

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Elven63336d ago

I don't see how Halo 3 was disappointing, it finished the Halo 3 storyline which is what everyone wanted, Halo 2 despite me enjoying it somewhat can be seen as disappointing to some, not so much 3.

Tomb Raider...did people even have expectations for that game? There's only one reason why that game sells...

exotic locations.

Fishy Fingers3336d ago

Exotic locations? I guess your referring to the mountain ranges :)

WildArmed3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

They are comparing the amount of hype it received vs what it delivered.

They never said halo was a bad game.

Halo 3 ad:

Halo 3 gameplay:

Now tell me how they werent building hype...
I loved the ads alot more then the game.. well there i said it D:

But I've played Halo 3 and the multiplayer was fun.. for awhile. Reminded me of the good old halo combat evolved times.. which I am gonna go play now actually lol

Godmars2903335d ago

When it got exclusive content, yeah, there were some expectations. Like that content would be worth it. That it would even be released.

Pretty sure there were suppose to be two DLCs, but the first was so underwhelming they didn't bother with a second.

gamingisnotacrime3335d ago

Halo fans loved it, they play that MP online a LOT, the halo community is so big that makes Home look empty. Hey, easy now, im a PS3 fan, a PS brand fan for that matter, i can only wish KZ2 had half the online community halo 3 has. The campaign was fun, nothing special, just like CoD 4, or KZ2 for that matter (of course KZ2 has a lot going for it with physics animation etc).

Halo 3 is Not a Dissapointment, it is not a breakthrough experience neither, is just a fun FPS with one of the best online communities around

PS, Halo 2 was a HUGE dissapointment, that stupid ending was nerve recking!

Happy Halloween guys, keep those consoles on all night long :)

mastiffchild3334d ago

Why don't many of my fellow Halo fans get that many people feel Halo3 was overrated purely as a HALO GAME and not in your normal terms. We shouldn't get offended as, if anything, it's kind of a compliment really. Does anyone really enjoy the SP(which is what this guy's on about)in H3 as much as they did their runs through CE? Cos that's what he means and what I mean and what everyone always(well mostly) mean when they say Halo3 dusappointed them-it didn't measure up to ast glories and just isn't perfect l;ike the ad campaign suggested. That's all it just isn't better than CEor as good) and didn't live up to an ad campaign that, if we're honest, maybe even a perfect game would fail to. Maybe the expectations those ads put in people's heads were unreasonable for ANY game to fulfill-that's why it was in a way iverhyped-because the ads gave a ludicrously high expectation for it and that was real hype right there. Fantastic and effective hype but hype none the less.

Really, people get WAY too defensive over Halo when it's big enough not to worry too much-honestly, if you think about it that ad campaign would be too much hype for the second coming!

Personally I'd have to say the big miss from his list is Too Human(I thought it automatically made you a 360 bot if you fail to mention DD's mess IF you first mention Haze, no?)-that game failed to live up to any of the missives that Dyack himself was happy enough to hype it with FFS!

RE5 overhyped? IDK, afterall it's a bi franchise and I'm bot sure there was that much prerelease hype saying it was anything that spevial outside of it's looks was there? Sure it disappointed many but a lot like it(why?)as well and I just don't recall many people/sites/mags saying it was a great step forward from RE4 anyway. Most of the talk was about whether it was racist and why the switch to co-op and the eternal controls issue.

Persoanlly I always put Fallout3 on a list of overhyped and disappointing games. Much like Halo3 it isn't that it's not a decent or even good game but it just isn't what the hpe suggests it to be. To me it had two iffy shooting systems, a poor story arc, poor level cap, way too many bugs and about a third of the atmoshere of the earlier Fallout games. It didn't, for me, nail the FPS/RPG hybrid role half as well as the media would have us believe and in practically every way felt iferior to Onlivion. Or it did when it wasn't either sounding or looking like recycled bits of Oblivion itself!

I'm sure most of you love Fallout3(fair enough) but that just shows what the problems are with lists like this one which are always opinion-who can say other than you which game failed to do what YOU thought it would? So unless we stick with the games which just made a mess of things(Too Guman, Lair etc)and make a VERY dull list or we have to have a few big games on there that a lot of people loved to make it worth reading or even writing. This does both thngs but misses out a couple of obvious ones, imo, while putting Halo3 in there and KZ2 as well-just cos he thought he was expected to, imo, for console balance!

Seriously though-Fallout3 still getting GOTY awards when it sholdn't have got near one? Maybe, maybe I'd understand a little better if it, or any of it's DLC even worked the first day you nought it, but even then it's just a very good game that didn't quite do what it set out to, not for me anyway.

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DonCorneo3335d ago

200K in the 1st week.. that's just weak

chrisulloa3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

Because this is about sales rite? Lol dumbass

If it were almost every PS3 game would be on there.

-MoOkS-3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

Forza 3 currently has a higher review average that ANY flop turismo title has had in almost the last 10 years.

run along

Double073335d ago

Plus Gt1 and Gt2 below even though granted they were a long time back:

So as you put it "run along" ;)

-MoOkS-3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

^ The retardism is strong in this one ( the guy above me, just so other retards understand )

Double073335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

Lulz, im a retard for proving you wrong? Butthurt little inbred fails, badly.

WildArmed3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

lol QUICK change topic and use personal insults when your proven wrong! Coz it'll make that fact that you got your fanboy assed uber pawned.
Great move Mooks!
btw feel free to check the dates of those GT titles, there are all within 10 years range

Although FM3 wasnt hyped too much, so it doesnt belong on the list.
But the focus on Definite definite definitee.. got to me.. and then i read articles from Kotaku about it's physics engine.. and then im like.. *facepalm*
Here turn 10 was bragging about the best-est physics ever, ' we dont focus just on graphics, we want physics and everything'.
well GJ :) Next time dont try to bash your ocmpetition, coz the media will bite you in the ass when you fuk up

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K__L__U__T__C__H3335d ago

Man do you really want to start talking sales now, because i can start listing a long list of flops from ps3.

infekt3334d ago

Quoting sales figures are for cun7s

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-MoOkS-3335d ago

KILLZONE 2 BY A COUNTRY MILE. Nothing else even comes close

NecrumSlavery3335d ago

How? How in the hell is this master piece not worth its attention given? you are out of your mind.

St03335d ago

Just ignore him, he's probably not even played it since he only owns a 360 and wants to defend it.

-MoOkS-3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

I've owned a ps3 since launch. Make assumptions much?

WildArmed3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

lmfao.. you can stop being afraid of the ps3 now.. dont worry it wrong murder your first love, xbox 360.
Actually the ps3 n 360 get along very well..
just go buy K2 if u want it that much, no need to try to justify not buying the game like that

'Don't accuse me of not having a ps3 or being a fanboy, I give credit where credit is due.' -- Mooks profile..

I think you just proved what a fanboy you are :)

DevastationEve3335d ago

It's true, KillZone2 was a massive disaster and a foolish attempt at trying to dethrone Halo 3. The only game that has been able to give Halo 3 a good run for its money would be COD 4.

As it stands Halo 3 has survived every console FPS to come out before and after its release.

Halo 3 has conquered this gen, there's no two ways about it. Nothing from Sony comes close. Sad.

TheBand1t3335d ago

Weren't you complaining about Sony fanboys ramming opinions as fact down your throat?

Btw, it's called Gran Turismo 5 if you're looking at a game that'll more than likely outsell Halo.

foxtheory3335d ago

Are you talking about sales or enjoyment?

If you're talking about enjoyment, then it's your opinion. Stop stating it as a fact.

If you're talking about sales, then your argument is invalid. We're talking about game experiences, so GTFO with your "sales make a great game" bulls**t.

callahan093335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

"KillZone2 was a massive disaster and a foolish attempt"

That is just an absolutely ridiculous thing to say. The game has sold, what, like 2 million? It scored over 90% from almost every review. You call that a massive disaster? If you didn't like it and don't think it deserved all those sales and scores, then state your opinion, but don't just call the game a massive disaster, because it clearly wasn't.

WildArmed3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )


By fanboy's logic:
Game not on my console = "Game X was a massive disaster and a foolish attempt"

I love how dumb fanboys are ^_^
Well, atleast they feel important on N4G.

Oh, i remember Velvet Assassin's being branded as 'what MGS4 should have been'.
You know that 360 exclusive that everyone used to downplay MGS4 exclusivity.. and how did that game turn out -.-


come on, everyone knows killzone2 was posed as THE halo killer.

and did it kill halo....nope.

so it's qualified for being over hyped, a good game yes but it did NOT kill halo or take it's place.

Megaton3335d ago

"Halo 3 has conquered this gen"

Really? Do you really believe that, or are you just shining people on to get reactions? I hope it's the latter, and I just got trolled. The game is fine, but "conquered this gen"? It doesn't even fall in my top 10 of this gen, and I probably liked the original Halo more than anyone at N4G.

It's hard to associate myself with other Halo fans because of fanatics like ApocalyPS3. They're like fundamentalist religious zealots, acting like they just left a sermon, worshiping at the altar of Master Chief. Embarrassing the crap out of normal people who just like the game because it's fun.

calis3335d ago

360 fanboys are still kids, I swear.

So you have one article where someone said it was the Halo Killer and suddenly that makes it true? No one has said it ever was the Halo killer except 360 fanboys.

By that logic, because this article says Halo is over-hyped, it must be true.

DevastationEve3334d ago

Gran Turismo will sell.

When it's bundled like what Sony's done before.

Halo 3. Was not bundled. Sold 10+ million.

Sevir043334d ago

and perhaps the biggest disapointment for the series.

KZ2 was far from disappointing. KZ2 was totally on a pedestal that everyone accused Sony as not delivering.. and when they delivered, they saw exactly how wrong they were, a Non stop action shooter, that blows everything out of the water in sheer intensity. yes it's story telling wasn't that impressive but it served as moving you from one point to another. Somthing Halo 3 failed to do... you can see the progression, KZ1-KZ, they moved forward... Bungie, movedbackwards after halo:CE, everything else, took a step back. the Multiplayer in halo 2 was the best and then they fell off in Halo 3 on everything. nothing but a huge hype and let down. KZ2, still has it's following and it's still p[roving it has legs.

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