Tekken 6 Review (Eurogamer Portugal)

Eurogamer Portugal said: Throughout the analysis can see that I criticized several points because honestly expected much more of Tekken 6 with this entry in the new generation. A game that was promised from the distant E3 2005. The game is not bad, though the gameplay remains solid and addictive, especially with friends. For those who have played Tekken or a fan of the series, the adaptation to the game is immediate, and who never played the learning curve is quick. The graphics may not like much, but they serve, the game modes in any way increase the longevity, especially the customization of the fighters which will be necessary to play many hours to buy the various items available. Tekken 6 may not be surprising to those who already know very well the previous games, you can even be considered just another game in the series, but fulfilling the needs of getting in the way of fighting fighting game.

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