Which is the Energy Drink of Gamers?

I remember being able to drink a bottle of Bawls and game for hours upon hours. There is a recent poll on asking which energy drink is preferred by most gamers. Go in an put in your vote. Results will be posted on the main website and also sent to study sites exploring the effects of energy drinks on todays gamers.

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consolecrusader3888d ago

nerd energy new...before I use to drink bawls most

3887d ago
nice_cuppa3888d ago

i cup has more caffeine than 8 red bulls.

oh yeah !

Robotz Rule3888d ago

I'll give you a hint:You can't drink it,you can only sniff it:)

Ahhh that's the good stuff:D!


Oh Energy drinks?

It's Redbull and Rockstar for meeya:)!

Covenant3888d ago

Mountain Dew. Lots and lots of Mountain Dew.

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The story is too old to be commented.