Modern Warfare 2 to be released early in the UK

As alot of us are aware of our neighbors across the pond face an upcoming postal strike. In order to combat said postal strike alot of videogame stores are preparing one in general (GAME)

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ginganinja3332d ago

they're changing to a courier service rather than relying on Royal Mail - doesn't automatically mean you'll get the game any earlier...

... (though i do usually get a lot of my pre-orders a day or two earlier when i use them)

cRaZyLeGs 933331d ago

Forza 3 orders were received 3 days early.

3332d ago
djreplay3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

As long as i get my copy on Tuesday 10th November im happy. I have been havin a practice recently and im still way up on the PS3 leaderboard.

4054 Score 3561 Wins, I just hope the weapons pack the same punch as COD4 because World At War felt like firing a spudgun compared to the awesome M4 Carbine :)

Edit, Those numbers for my score and wins are where im ranked in the world, 20,000 wins baby yeah

Jamie_C_UK3332d ago

Same game engine, still multi so i guess this could be classed as DLC really.

Pre order cancelled as it does nothing new really for the price.

PlayStation X3332d ago

lol @jamie c
so is every sequal dlc then?

FantasyStar3331d ago

As much as I agree, your comment is unrelated to what's being discussed in the article.

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The story is too old to be commented.