Sky Player on PS3 'may happen in future' says Sky

Sky Player, launched this week on the Xbox 360, may come to the PS3, according to Sky.

Speaking to, Sky's director of On Demand Griff Parry said:

"I can talk generally about our desire to extend to any device that supports a good quality experience to project the content. The PS3 is clearly a device where that is possible. And so it may very well happen in the future. Having said that, we're very happy to be working with Xbox for the time being."

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gaffyh3335d ago

Of course it will come to PS3 eventually. Same thing happened with Netflix, MS have just secured 6 months of exclusivity most likely.

UnwanteDreamz3335d ago (Edited 3335d ago )

Well when it does I "may" attempt to give a dam*.

@ below

Is that an assumption or do you have data that proves it? I will need data that spans the life of both consoles and I we will need to make adjustmants to compensate for the 1 year head start. We will also need to discount sales of replacement consoles because it just wouldn't be fair for obvious reasons lol.

NM I am sure you are just talking out yer a**.

deadreckoning6663335d ago

Guess there satisfied with the 360 for now. Makes sense since since 360 gamers generally spend more than PS3 gamers.

deadreckoning6663334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

@Unwanted Dreamz- First off, stop crying. Second why do I have to prove a true statement? Relax...

UnwanteDreamz3334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

No one is crying kid. You guys like to spout off about crap without facts to back it up and when you are asked to provide those facts all you have is deflection.

Troll harder

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PirateThom3335d ago

If the Sky TV Player wasn't so ridiculously overpriced, it might actually be worth subscribing to.

Karum3335d ago

So I don't really care

Raoh3335d ago

Microsft Stay Losing...

v1c1ous3334d ago

we'll keep taking away some exclusives...

*Fanboy logic*

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