BioWare talk about Mass Effect

CVG present their interview with BioWare co-doctors Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk - the makers of Mass Effect.

"Speaking of voice talent, can you tell us about the actors you're using?

Greg Zeschuk: There's over a hundred I think. There 300 characters; it's pretty crazy in a good way.

Ray Muzyka: It's all about conveying the personalities of the characters. You have to have credible characters, the dialogue has to flow. We've got some famous actors for the voice acting as well. We haven't announced who they are yet but you may be able to pick them out."

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Cartesian3D4195d ago

"For the longest time we were pretty sure we were going to have to fit the game content onto two DVDs, because there's just so much content in the game. Right now it looks like we're going to get it on one and it's been difficult because there's a lot of content. It's a very ambitious title."

omg ! I smell some compressed data that cuz lower frame rates and may be they want to cut some content! and make them as a downlodable one..

F*** I want mass effect without any limit... why its not on ps3 :(

Evoluti0n4195d ago

That's some amazing logic your using there. This game will be the game of the year guaranteed, keep your nonsense comments to yourself.

ben hates you4195d ago

because bioware has always done xbox, and window exclusive games and microsoft published the game, and would it truely kill someone to put an extra disc in, pc games have sometimes like up to five dvds and people still buy that

Eclipticus4195d ago

Im pretty sure Bioware was involved in a little independant game Called Bladurs Gate. That had mulitple disc. They are not against doing multiple discs. If a game needs more disc, so be it put it on a second or even third disc. If gamers are gonna complain about that... well go play nes, they dont have any

demorgoron4195d ago

Even if it wasn't published by MS this type of RPG has no audience in japan where the ps3 would have the most numbers.Theres 2 types of RPG's japanese RPG's(for example Final Fantasy) and then theres the American RPG or CRPG(Computer RPG)that has games like Fallout,Baldur's Gate,Planescape,Elder's Scrolls,KOTOR etc. The only exception would be that japanese RPG's are popular worldwide while the CRPG'S are more centralized in Europe and the US.

Don't worry,if you dont wanna take on the 360 bandwagon this game HAS to come out on the PC,"Games for Windows" initiative anyone?

Cartesian3D4195d ago (Edited 4195d ago )

I dont care about releasing ps3 version or not(yes its for 360).. because I have a 360.. I said I dont want to cut or compress some data in Mass effect.. its obvious every compressed data will cuz some extra process and for sure cuz lower frame rates than normal condition..

u must be idiot if u think 4 DVD PC game is like 4 DVD 360 game.. PC allways has HDD but there are so many Core users for 360..

so using multiple DVD is nearly foolish for 360.. some files must be ready everytime so they must put them on every DVD ..

so 18 GB game will be on 3 DVD9 instead of 2 .. but in PC u can install any file u want..

THAMMER14195d ago (Edited 4195d ago )

Compressed data. What is so wrong with that? If you know some thing the rest of do not know please do not hold back. Share your wisdom. So far there have been no issues and not swapping discs is over rated.

So if you can with no PHONYFANBOY BANTER explains why there is a real problem here at all. Frame rate issues or claims that compression takes away from the quality of the game are BULL $#!T.

You can limitless amounts of software threads on just on hardware thread of 360's CPU. Compression is done through within the software itself and opened up during load screens. I have seen nothing that would even begin to suggest that compression is a hindrance of any sort.

So what if a game is on 2 – 25 discs as long as it is good, the rest is just punk @ss B.S. You are just trying to slam the 360 and one of the many games that truly stand out as AAA epic games.

LOL nice try.

AcidRhain4195d ago

Does the Xbox360 have a framerate problem? NO. Does PS3 with it's massive BR discs? YES

Jay da 2KBalla4195d ago (Edited 4195d ago )

First of all, I dont want to have to swap discs at all, f*ck the dumb sh!t especially for this game. It isnt a linear japanese rpg and therefore if you had to swap discs it would be hell. Think of having to swap discs in oblivion.....exactly.

Dont get it twisted, I love my 360 and all and I think Mass Effect is going to be the sh!t but I would be pissed if it was on more than one disc. Benisme your pc argument has some merit but the fact of the matter is the 360 is not a pc.

Cartesian, just because a game ends up taking less space then originally inteded doesnt mean it was compressed, optimizations and programming tricks can do this also. Furthermore if the game was compressed, doesnt necessarily mean it will be of lesser quality(ie. lower frame rates?) but believe me just like you I would be pissed to know that mass effect took stuff out of the game and sold it as downloadable content. Pissed! but if they compressed it all to one disc then that shouldnt be a problem either.

But still, I think mass effect is going to be the sh!t and even if they are compressing, compression gets better all the time and we've all seen the realistic graphics and silky smooth conversations and big ass galaxy so I dont think anyone needs to worry too much about mass effect.

calderra4194d ago

Let us all drop our flamethrowers and agree-

See? Something we can all get behind! Seriously though, this title does need to be one disc because (at least from previews) you're supposed to be able to visit most any planet at any time. You'd wind up doing a lot of swapping that way.

Plus, they should be rendering all their cutscenes in-engine with a beautiful game like this, so space shouldn't be that great of a concern regardless. And as Oblivion proved, a LOT of audio fits onto a 360 disc. So one disc is still a very reasonable target.

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