Rumour-mill: PC demo code reveals DLC packs for Left 4 Dead 2?

Strategy Informer:

"Obviously blowing the surprise of possible avatar award goodies wasn't enough, as now determined data mining survivalists have uncovered what appear to be error messages.

These errors appear when gamers don't have Left 4 Dead 2 DLC maps installed, with the code mentioning the 'Miracle Pack' and 'Apocalyptic Pack', and offers to download them."

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Nihilism3332d ago

That can't be good, any DLC that is finished and ready before a game releases is a joke, shame on you valve, i thought you were better than that

Rowsdower3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

better than what? having dlc ready prior to a games release, this is a lucrative revenue stream for devs. Like it or not. It'll most likely be free on the PC anyway, its just a way to prolong people's interest in a game and extend the games lifespan in consumers minds and also is used as news/advertising on sites like this.

Vladim1r3332d ago

I admit that I didn't quite check whether DLCs will be free or not, but if they are, how could that be a bad thing? Though I can't read the article (site maintenance), I really doubt they are "finished and ready".

It only makes sense that the designers, artists and modelers are hard at work on the following content, instead of waiting around while the game is in its QA phase.

evrfighter3332d ago

Valve's never charged pc gamers for DLC. Why would it be any different?

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